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Saturday, April 01, 2006

*stuff i realized,felt,envied.pitied.snubbed.*

went with char zheng,shan,rachel,pei xuan,amir,wei lun,norman,leonard,joel m,rainer,jeric and shaun.
sat with dAron.

orite the top ten things.
*no offence to the ppl,especially the BAND ppl..*

1. 80-90% of the hildan population who went,viewed this whole gala event as somesort of a fashion show. to ogle,gasp,freak and drool. far,all i asked,told me the concert was a tad too boring. and last year was much better.
3.the Alumni i felt were superb. yub they were. totally of their song touched gandong-ing!
4.some ppl were freakin rude. i think i know who.can recognise their voices.hmm..
5.Owen's a great Mc.

PPL whom i felt dressed the nicest.
1.Wei ling. she was GORGEOUS. she tops my list. Gorgeous.
2.Siti Hajar *tt black dress could make both guys and girls nose bleed.
3.Crystal *barbie doll. =)
4.Sue ann*gurl. i couldnt recognise u.oomfgaww. u were totally hawt.
5.Verena*2 words. Freakin sexayee*
6.Aneesa *her outfit was so vintage! Gorgeous. absolutely FAB*
7.Ying nuo *BOOTSIE POOPSIE.HAWWT.woots!*

loved vanessa sheena zermaine and char zheng's outfits to =)

1.Daron hong
2.Jun hao *love his blazer/jacket?
3.Gabriel tan. especially his belt
5.My class guys. those hawwt dudes tt night!tian wei yong xiang jing yun leonard samuel etc etc.. hahaa. yes ver,i totally agree with u. DRESS TO IMPRESS.
i was impressed. =)

saw diz gurl who wore a hard rock cafe shirt and knee length skirt and sneakers
*omfgaww slaps forehead.gasps faint and drop to the floor.
reallie sorrie if i sound mean but..
i reallie feel thats jus not the way to wear to a concert hall.
in wad way is tt smart-casual??

i think i over-dressed though but still..
thanks to the many manyy people who complimented my outfit and for those who secretly hated it but never sae anything...
hahhaa -shrugs. oh well. =) cant please everyone can i?

snapped pickies but nt as much as i would love to have. =(
regretted nt snappin with
pee,ver,tab,mir and gang,sue ann etc etc. WA LIEW =(

nihow. i gtg
and btw jasmine->PEACE.

yeah. i mean it.

*pictures comin up!!

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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