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Sunday, May 14, 2006

electric pow wow!

-flicks hair

laa laa laa

waa haa haa

omg omg omg
guess WAD!





okay.actually its ben's one and he lent me..but oh well. hu cares bout such minor details =p

hee hee hee.

they *glicia and benster* came over my hse ard 11 plus after service and ben lent me his
1.electric guitar


3.distortion pedal *i think im wrong*

and he like carried diz all the way from church den tamp den took a bus down all de way to my hse with gli.. cuz it was too heavy.

i saw benster's true colours todae.

they are whiteeeeee man!

thanks a bunch gli and ben =)

hung out with my mum todae before church.
was pretty funn.

took 10 to church with gli.
saw joseph and sheena.

the irony of life by joseph choo.

Joseph-> "todae i went shopping alone,with my father."

gee. =x

the irony of a mother's ego by the mother of Yours Truly.

*Sees taxi across the road,waves frantically..
"ahh turn ard turn ard. come here!*

the taxi swerves ard the bend.

she smiles broadly.

"ahhh. see he come? jus for me? must be cuz im pretty. -twirls a lock of hair- oh he comin over.. let me see hw he look like."

taxi driver pulls up.

she peers in.

"Eeeeee. so ugly!! i dun want."

bemused,i look at this whole scenario and said.

"MAAAAAAA... =x "

Soup restaurant for lunch.

Irony of life #3

everything was delicious

except the soup.

so thats bout it.
snapped loadsa pickies with my artsey-fartsey eye.

ben was impressed.

oh yes.he was my first ever male model.
wad an honour please.

cheer everyone!!!
-confetti anyhow fly.

oh. hm urm. todae,he messaged me and i ughhh finally told him how i felt.
its over. =)

maybe i will look back and regret.
maybe i wont.

ah oh well. =x
i guess i jus gotta leave it to God to decide who that next mr L O V E is for me.

i pray that HE wont give me some chao beng beng from bugis street.
really really i dun want.

lol as cons noes it veryyy well,i got a weakness...

*jelly knees.crumble and fall*

for baaaad boyys.

hand over heart.
soooo cuteeeeeeeeeeee.

giggle giggle bounce bounce.

orite before i end off with this bad impression of lookin like a uh.complete twit..

yo GOD,i like that rider. THAT ONE I talked to u about. i think he's reallieeee cute. can gimme please?i promise i wil be good.

*yes the picture's blur again.colour sucks because! because of the blog skin.DAMn*

much love->me.

oh yes.
love those earrings and make up rite you?
saw u smile secretly,dont pretend. hee.

hmm. okay even though u never read my blog.
i'll disown u if u do man. =x

jus wana let u noee u are the bestes mummyy i ever eever have
and boy do i thank GOD for u.
wtf i was so worried when u took so friggin long to go toilet todae.
dropped ur head in the toilet bowl ah. =x
stop thinkin that i owaes treat u like a DOMESTIC HELPER
i cant help it,ur the only other Female in this whole house.

stop throwin ur tantrums at me okay?
im 16 already.
the shriekin wun work anymore okie?

ur myy darling. and i loove u alot.
even if u keep takin my roxy slippers to wear
keep telling me hw sexy tata young is.
hw u had so many boyfrens before when u were young and pretty
*Cough, key word. WERE. cough*
i .. wa if anything happens to u.

seriously. =)

love u mummyy.

phuckin phuckin loads =)


i noe u love me too. =)

she's MY hot mama and if u dare disagree.
ur gona see my fist in ur mouth.
up ur nose and out ur eyes.

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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