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Friday, May 19, 2006

fallin in love with u all over again.

so here i am,once again blogging.
twice a day *scroll down if u wish*
the first,a heartfelt letter from ME to me.

After attempting to recover from the shock of my gawd-awful results,
i went to meet zEr at her class and we mrtied down to QUEENSTOWN to get my shorts.

what a long long ride to queensway.
tsk tsk tsk.

butt ache.back ache.eyes ache.everywhere also ache.

so we walked around the place and entered the same shops at least 3 times.
i couldnt find my nike/adidas shorts with the slit and boy oh boy i was so mad.

zer was busy haggling with herself over wad colour bra to buy.
in the end,she settled for the yellow.
gorgeous colour,yellow is.
but of course,orange over-rules them all! ^_^#

so i was walkin ard and i saw this shirt.
and i fell in lovee..
yet again. =p

its black *perfect for *independence day!*
with this electric guitar in green.

bought my high cut FBTS.

mrtied home.
was at tamp inter
and saw the current MJ guy, Zhi Zong. =)

we were standin near other and when i turned,we saw each other and i quickly whipped my phone out,typed two words and flashed it to him.

"Belgium Chocolate"

and then the whole 'story' came out and yeaa im nt sure if i have the liberty of sayin it here so lets jus leave it at that. =)

ITS fridae night
and im dyin to go out.

supposedly girls nite out with the confidante but she's stuck with major chinese boo-boo.

That reminds me,i got 62.2 for cheena.
didnt reallie expect it.
so yes,

"Yo God. thanks man.its all cuz of you."

therefore being the arrogant and complacent fool i am,i will not study for the mock *Why do they call it mock exam anyway,to uh..mock us?* exam on monday and jus cross my fingers,pray and leme pass it once more.

more about yesterdae.

dang. wad an uber-tiring dae it was LAH LAH LAH.
met up with zer at 1130 when ALL of us *benster,zer i* were supposed to meet at 11.

early bird me. chirp chirp*

so i waited while my arse got hot.
and benster,much to his DISCREDIT, was late by an HOUR.

even though he practically lived AT the sports complex.
3 mins walkin distance.
tsk tsk tsk.

so came the hectic schedule.


2.swimming *yes people i can finally proudly sae i KNOw to swim. this calls for a celebration.bring out the cAke and uh. Mineral water man!*

3.changing to go gym but after changin we saw the sun so we changed back.



therefore i was by six o clock that dae,thoroughly tired,exhausted and mentally fatigued.

before headin home,benster accompanied me to tamp mall to get the BESTIE's present.
kept askin me why i wana give.wad occasion.
so k-poh.tsk tsk.

chionged the card.
maths tuition.
met ben ard 11 at night,at my block.

and we were both veryy very tanned. pieces of char quay tiao. blaack blaack.
nicee =)

oh before i go,i reallie mus recount on this.

it just reminds me of fate's twisted lil ironies.

back home on bus 22.
was readin my novel.
totally engrossed in it and not once looked up.

shuffle on and oblivious to my surroundings,i was readin when i chanced upon the Ex's name in the novel and looked up.

boy oh boy
who do i see but him.

the one whose name was mentioned 3 sentences ago.

ah well.
tts Life for u. =)

i gtg.
before that,i gona give some credit to joseph.
*prinya,u shld too! hahaa*

for not well,openin everything.

*big phew whew whew.

am tired. lit elites of sg conferencing tml at orchard!

*if music be the food of love,play on..*

*i found those old feelings comin back again. and now i sit here,thinkin back. to that time i was 12. and im smiling cuz of the naive-ness of us both before and i look where we are todae and still,i have not a clue. .

what it was all about. My..Friend.*

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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