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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

forget about you. already. =)


wana see a Rain- lookalike?

*norman,u gotta see this man*

this is my church fren,gaius.
*beside char zheng*


By God. =)

Sports day.
tampines stadium.

Beautiful weather.
Screamed my clean,smoke-free lungs out.

my voice hurts real baad now.
no more sweet and sexyaee.

things i learnt today.

1. its my first ever sports day in st hildas secondary and also,the last.

2. Our secondary 1 girls. the first few cheerleadin teams are a riot and they are gr8 entertainers.
i never laughed so much before in one whole day.

3. Mr K runs like the wind. literally. and i was blownn awayy~

4. Kevin chin rocks. he broke the entire st hildas sec HISTORY..'s record.
*that sounds weird. rephrase that yourself pls*

5.Constance kheng is now nicknamed as 'female kevin,female chin'

6. Sg's weather is reallie reallie veddy hot.


Cabbed to church with gli for mm ministry training.
met marcus the teacher.

after "teaching"
we accompanied him to have his food.

left them alone as i went to do some photo-snappin bymself.

siglap is a wunnerful place. =)

My Masterpiece

*you take,you die.*

needa do something bout the lightin though.
looks better on the camera.

wanted to go east coast to snap the sunset
but dang. felt the first drop of rain.

bussed to parkway parade.
snapp snapp snapp.

ST PATS -> i sneaked in there i was 12 and i discovered something.
tee hee hee.

went marine parade library.

i love that place.

the forbbidden.access denied stairs above the basketball court.
the sunset there.

i have found my lil shack =)

gli ->my model.

And this is me
taken by marcus

its late.
love ya!

bad hair day. tied hair too tight lah.

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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