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Thursday, May 25, 2006

lets do the countdown yau.

Your Last moment.~

Once upon a time,there lived a happy lil girl named Sherlyn.

She took a fall one day.



and could not get up.

The happiness then flew away. out of the window,into the grave.

And the happy lil girl named Sherlyn had no choice but to sitt there sadly

watching as it went away..

After school.

Lunchin with the Bestie.

Girly talk and matters of the heart.

Sch was boring.drab.awful.sucky.

all the naga ga adject u can think of. =(

anywae, i duno why but recently i have been bingeing/binging? on

Green tea.

like 3 bottles a day.

im not totally sure if this's healthy or what.

gee..but i sure hope so.

neway, i got a lOUSY 57.8 for my cheena mock exam

take out ur hankies and weep for me. its a bloody catastrophe.

the only slight comfort i got was that i beat Monster ming a.k.a Soon ming

and he's such a jerk.a stupid monster. cuz we had this bet that the winner would get something from the other and


and this nincompoop.

he denied it. and wanted to make it even cuz his paper 2 won me.

oh thrash and urine! thats total garbagel lah.

as i sit here,my blood's slowly boiling.

i hope monster ming sees this.



oh yes! st hildas cracked us students up today.

they are sellin 81 computers and 20 laptops for







$20 EACH.

wad de dung!!

amazing shite. i wanted the laptop and so did tab and cons so we went durin recess to ask the teacher

only to realize that there were more kia-su ppl earlier than us. heehee.

and so we are on the =x


moo-v and east coast tml with the bestiee.

pictures pictures!! =)

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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