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Thursday, May 04, 2006


physics was crap shit.
english's summary was bull shit.

15 points?
go where find.
passage was dumb.

and i realized my answer for "
was just plain awful.

after hearin ver's answer
and cringing cuz mine sounds so lian lian bugis street while hers is jus..
so va va woah.
i wrote

i can jus see mr k starin at my paper in disbelief,slappin his hairy head *heh heh* and going
and that maniac laughter that fills the 4h classroom everyday.

wa lau.

so physics.
apparently,i got a panic attack just before the start of the paper.
all the last minute muggin and "fuck siaa.give up lah" but still staring doggedly at the damn formulae.

in de end.
also cmi.

last second chionging.
courtesy of rachie and samuel.

sam kept repeating diz formula in my ear

come on sherlyn,jus think raffles instuition okay?

sher-> stares blankly. "ok"

time for the paper.
i sitdown.
i hear the R.I formulae buzzing in my hair*
i scan the damn paper

i realize i duno which questions use that formula.

up till now. i still am very confused.
ver,did that formula come out in the paper?

if got,den woah.
better not tell sam.

oh yes.
so yuan xiang and i are officially the toilet gurls of 4h lah.

so i had green tea for recess
one stupid can only.

physics paper started.
didnt feel like gg to the toilet.
didnt feel the NEED to go to the toilet.

wad de piss!
i reallie needed to piss.

and i reaaalieeee needed to go.
told phil.
stupid ah pek made me wait so long.

okay i needa tell u wad a totally weird feelin it is when u get accompanied by a teacher to the toilet.
everywhere's so silent.
u drop a pin
u get a thunderstorm.

*bang roll bang*

its scaaarry.
and as u walk pass each class.
u see the heads turnin up to stare at u
wonderin why u are followed by a teacher..

yuan xiang too=)

after sch.

K S L was so impatient pls.
look away
when i pondered or told her i didnt noe wad to do.

i could just casually break her red specs in two.
and u noe wad
SHE WILL NEVER BE NOMINATED in my "caring teacher" category.

so i got to go.
i loove Ss =)

ps in regards to the entry above.for obvious reasons. i mus state that
what i have written is totally fictional,fake,bogus,unreal.
a figment of my oh-so-wunnerfully-creative imagination.

goodbye peeps.

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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