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Thursday, June 08, 2006


Today was spent with tuition in the morning and
studying/bball-ing and soccer-ing in the afternoon and
windowshopping/dinner and witnessing to new friends.

today was eventful,awesome and i have made a decision.

siglap,marine parade is my new Turf man.

-sticks chest out.

marine parade library is rockin'.
went to meet zer and ben today.
ben please ah please. dont be late again.

zer almost blew a blood vessel.
for the record,she never waited so long for a guy before.

congratulations on being the first.

"studied" at starbucks *coffee-beans*

okeh. make things clear ah.

while miss zerkoh was busy playin neopets and thinkin of a gazillion neo-names for her uh- neo pets.

i told u. neopets is cool.
i influenced hongie to go play it too.

my nick is i am cool dot com.

studied a lil while.
craving to play bball.

went up with zer.

played like mad.
with these lil african boy and malay boys.

they are so cute lah.
primary 1-2.

they taught me hw to play soccer.
so patient too!

aww.. <3 ite =")"> correct recount?

told guo hao
"violence is not the answer man!"

seeing him crush up those poor innocent 100 plus cans made me dang scared.
reminded me of Someone which, coincidentally is his birthday today.

thats one five-cents wasted.

i wonder if singtel will give it back to me.

to my statement,guo hao kept silent but showed me his arms.
i saw a huge scar.

running all the way down to his wrist.

i was so.. damn surprised and felt a lil sad.

ben and i both agreed that if he had grown up in a totally different environment..
he wouldnt have had that scar.

look at him now.
so damn nice..and "guai" in a sense.
and yet.

aiyeah i duno what to say. but..
hey! that's another added in my prayer list. =) <3

dinner with benster at parkway.
saw ashley,and the 2 ex-vs guys
three times.

in de end,we 4 hung out together.
ashley's mum picked her up.

wei jie,wen hui ben and i bussed 31 home.

oh my gawd.

wad amazing stuff.

GOD worked his miracles again.

there you have..

wei jie the buddhist who proclaimed "im a buddhist but aiyeah i dun care one lah*

wen hui the free-thinker who " i went so many churches..until dont want go already. if i can burn and create trouble. i will go city harvest..etc etc"

and benster the evangelist.

on bus 31
wei jie the buddhist is squashed in the middle between


it was...
interesting.. hearing wen hui's stories.

he said he believed that there was a God.
but he did not have faith.

i rebutted.

"dude if u say u believe. isnt that already havin faith?!"

turns out he doesnt believe in the religion.

ben began to testify.

as i watched.
i could see how wei jie the buddhist was listening real hard.
and how..
perhaps someway,somehow..

wen hui was a lil affected too.

we talked alot.
all 4 of us but i mostly just sat there and listened.

watchin them
seeing so much potential

wen hui said that if he reallie belived in something he would go all the way out. and do it and stay.

he told me he didnt want to be like one of his frens who went to church
for girls.
to see girls.
to meet girls.

said it was wrong and he didnt want it that way.

i totally totally totally respect that.

there and then, i knew that these two could be so on fire for God.
be strong christians.

we invited them to serenade which btw guys is happenin on the 24th in church.
if u guys wana go, call me kaye? =)

ben and i are gg to pay for their tickets.

mama msged halfway and i had to quickly board down to take a bus home.
walked all the way back until i finally saw a bus stop that i could take.

the whole journey
i started praying and prayin for them.

i just noe that they will/can believe.

especially wen hui.

which reminds me..

yesterdae at tamp i saw someone and i was reallie sad.
to the extent that i even teared while on the phone.

i dont want to see him so ruined.
i dont want.

it might be a tattoo on his neck i saw.
a fleeting moment

but it was like a dark Brand on his neck.

i might be wrong.

i hope i am.

i fasted for him today and i prayed reallie hard.


please bring him back.

i guess i still like him after all and it reallie hurts. reallie reallie hurts lah.

hanging out with rachie ver and benster at escape tml.
studyin with the bestie on tues.
studyin.bballing at marine parade library on wed with zer and ben.
celebrating the bestie's bdae on thurs. SENTOSAA!! <3<3<3 need to get back my tann.

btw..cons is back from camp!!

oh my gawd. i miss her so much lah. =(

btw prinya if ur readin this
wei jie and wen hui noe u.
sheesh. u reallie are popular man!

hahaa anyway,wen hui's ur junior and golly he noes everything bout u.
and ur gfs.hahaha.
he say cheryl's the prettiest out of all.
oooooh. hahaa anywae i told him u were gg on the 24th.
weee! see u there! i cant wait. <3 ^_^#

orite ppl. gtg.
chiong my neopets now.

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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