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Thursday, June 29, 2006

i <3 candies. manyy manyy

soon ming a.k.a monster ming brags about his manly muscles.

ver - *pokes soon ming on the shoulder*


M.M-> got lah! its i haven 'Gekk' *flex* only..

ver - "den u gekk lah."

M.M-> "woah. dun wan lah. later i gekk my shirt explode."

*major laughter all around. ver and sher laughed until tummies hurt.*

played basketball at mpcc yesterdae.
zer's prayers reallie worked again.

its a sign i tell you.

after messaging him now. i realize that he's totally different from other guys i noe.
he intrigues me.
honestly man.

like a lil boyy with silent troubles.

anyway dad's back from vietnam for quite sometime already.
feels bad to say this but my freedom's so restricted now.

i have to be back like 3-4 den he happie.
wad de hell.

i hate being restricted.
reallie detests it.

had netball match yesterdae at night.
caught up with the team mates.

ahh awesome =)

played against ntu people.
win some lose some. ^_^#

sat's fire conference at kallang stadium from 2.30 to 7.
healin evangelistiic program.

Mpcc mini gathering..
steamboat after that.

sylvia,edwin,ryan,eye candy..maomao
all gg to be there. yayy <3> ONE huh.
hahaa i feel so happie for u!
she's pretty. =)
may u guys last real long!

and G2mountain ->thanks for the yumm yumms. wEee! ^_^#

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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