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Saturday, June 10, 2006


alright alright.
so germany wonn.



exactly what i predicted.

yes man.

should have bet.


neway more on post-escape yesterdayy.

the rides made me reallie sick.
just after the first one- i felt all woozy and queasy.

and i jus wanted to

weather sucked.

haunted house was boring.
this supposed-to-scare-me-ghost tapped me on the shoulder.

i turned ard and

"eh dun tap my shoulder lah."

ben said the person laughed and went away.

weather finally cleared after hours.

ride ride ridee.

okay u noe wad suddenly i dun feel like gg into the whole story-telling routine.

jus wana blog out all my damn ..sadness? out.

first of all, i couldnt sleep two days ago cuz of him and i was

fretting over what to do. how i can go about doing it.

i feel damn sad.

and bloody hell..the next day i found out that ben knew who i liked.

ben pls im begging u.down on knees. dont tell anyone k.

ben-> please. bring. him back to church.

gymmin with my mum today.
cabbed down to bedok cc to meet wen hui to play ball cuz he arranged with me durin soccer last night but in the end..
i was horribly irritated but oh well.

church was awesome today.
hosea's 'sermon' rock'ed.

r o c k Rock.

i had a sweet surprise from char zheng today.

she got me a tee-shirt !

OMFG I SHRIEKED when i saw it.

its a biking shirt!!

ahhhh i looove it lah.

its so freakin nice and i was like bragging to everyone.

posting the pics tml.

oh yes.
flatland competition tommorow.

i almost gave up everything today to go for the comp but im so glad i didnt.

i guess i still <3 flatland.
i like riding. loads.

gives me a sense of accomplishment when i manage to pull off a stunt.
but i feel so ..

especially with certain riders.

and the most ironic thing is they are the exact same ones u loved hanging out with.

our whole 'riding gang'

bang waang waang.
gone *poof poof* jus like that.

there's this new female rider.
started in march but she gt her own bike already.

hell yeah.

but i guess i noe wad's my piriorites right now and i wish her all de best. =)

tml.. prolly heading down to the comp at suntec.
riders from japan. yuki york uno. i cant wait.

and the whole video-taking/picture-comparing with lucas and king.


and most of all, i get to see cons tml.

oh dear i feel damn sad now.

bye blog.

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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