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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I have a friend.

Her name is Rachel.

She is by far,the funniest girl i ever known.

i thought i was lame,funny,witty and hilarious.

if you personally knew rachie,

you'd forgotten All about

that lame,funny,witty and hilarious side of me. .

Venue: St Hildas Secondary Chem Lab

Rachel is sitting beside Sherlyn.

a conversation strikes.

S: RACH!!!!! WHERE'S MY HARD GAY FROM THAiland!! u say u will buy back for us! where's my hard gay with the nipple rings. where where where!

R: heeheehee. dun have the gay. never bring back. only got nipple ring.

S: huh. Wa lau.WHY!

R: oh. cannot pass through immigration lah.

S: !! hahahaha

2nd conversation.

The chemistry teacher , Mr ba-kwa is teaching the students about




*it basically means positive and negative ions for all u chem-dunno-anything-lah out there*

so mr ba-kwa was teachin about the attraction between cations and anions when rachel suddenly turns to the ever-so-attentive me and asked.. ever-so-seriously..

R: So who u wana attract.. the cats or the ants?

S: ... !!!

conversation 3

Mr ba-kwa was talking about the O levels.

"the test-tubes u all can use..and my lab technicians will help u all wash. but dont so bad. one person use until 10 test-tubes ah! u count. here got 40 ppl. 40 X 10 = 400! then they have to clean 400 test tubes a day. clean until they.. *nt sure wad was the exact word he used but prolly is siao/mad/etc etc*

to this,sweet rachel turned to me once more and said

"aiyah.they only work once a year what."



omg omg.

smelly rambutans. i laughed until my tummy hurt. and i was tickled pink green and orange by rachel that day.

couldnt stop laughing.

oh no.. haha.

so there u go everyone

racist rachel ratnum

4h's clown and ehh-fren! with the typical i-slap-ur-shoulder-and-go-Yo greeting.

our beloved racist bitch whom all the malay indians chinese and bangalas love~

=) =) =)

badminton with zer and benster.
futile attempt cuz we started laughin and callin each other names.

Ben is Andy
and i am Candy

Subway too.
reminscing bout computer games of our childhood past.

i concluded that

gunbound is the weirdest game ever


1. No guns are involved.

2. You never ever get bounded/binded. -eh whatever lah-

zer and ben were gushin over that game.

"eh my rank the highest u noe! etc etc etc!"

they enlightened me on the fact that instead of guns
they used cannon

my brain began to work and then i thought

eh. muz well call it cannon ball instead of gunbound right.

cannon ball..cannon ball.

i thought about street fighter.

den chun li.


ALUGEN! *lol. u noe that fight-technique that kuku- KEN like to use.


wa lau i love streeet fighter man.

talked about NEOpets and my fetish with them.

told them hw silly i was when i was in pri 4-6?

i had a gorgeous neopet account.

200 000 points and account.
my beautiful neopets.

someone hacked it.

i guess it was my fault.

my username was sher_wong
and my password was




i noe.

anyhow. i decided to go track my old sch days where i played real-life barbie and neopets and giggled over them.

there and then on monday. i decided to recreate a neopet account.

zer and ben are my new neo-buddies.
we gona be the best neo-pet-ters in the world.

caught "The Nun" at tamp mall.
saw Roystance.

so long never see him already!

=) =)

"the nun" was baaad lah.

only thing i liked was the whole..

it started with sin..and eve ur the sin...

and in the bible, Sin First begun when eve took that bite off the forbidden apple.

so i thought the whole sin-eve thing was pretty cool.

other than that.

sucks lah.

moo-v with rach tml.
sentosa on friday.
gym on saturday.
flatland comp at suntec with cons and junda on sunday.

packed.packed.packed.. just the way i <3 href="">

A pencil-box full of sweeeets.

MUM signed both of us up at this new gym in parkway parade today.
pretty expensive i feel. =x

but its kinda cool.

i got my own personal trainer man!

his name is ron and he is damn fit lah.

another guy ..the "consultant" i think. his name is ah lub
pronounced as ah laaarp.

freakin funny.
he talks damn fast.

i like the gym.
its huge.
20 000 square feet.

with classes on yoga,pilates all these.

but the thing is i got no one to accompany me. mum cant go everydae.

chatted with ron.
its so cool lah.
he was into aggresive in-line skating last time and i told him i was a lil into flatland.
and he immediately knew the whole "bmx-flatland scene"


everybody get ready for the gym-freak me.

weee. =)

pictures on the gym tml kaye?

oh wait.

im fasting on blogging on mon wed fri
so ...

till then.
ciao ciao. <3 <3 <3

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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