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Sunday, July 16, 2006

16th july 2006

all i wana do .. is to grow old with you.
i'll get you medicine ..when your tummy aches~

16th jully 2006.

Dear ******* **** *** **
i am reallie reallie starting to fall deeply deeply in love with you.

and today..


my wishes came true.

i got my sign.

im so happie right now.

i dun even noe wad to say.

OH geez.

and i love ver's post.

everyone better go read.

*im falling even more in love with you..

today. today.
met zerzet to study at mp

derrick and kim yip came too.

mpcc watched them play ball.

zer and i chatted bout loadsa stuff.

mereith came down.

bussed down to ky's hse.

waited for the guys ta change.

cabbed down to mt vernon to attend the wake.. the service for ky's grandma.

wasnt reallie dressed appropriately. sorrie kim yip =x

bussed home.
den cabbed.

he.. makes me feel so special.

maybe jus maybe.. im finally going to give my heart again.


kindaa scared though.

have to Ask God first.

tt's a must.

orite guys i gtg.


maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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