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Thursday, July 20, 2006

complications at mpcc

can mpcc-goers stop readin this damn page please?

loads of things are gettin so complicated and i darent blog bout anything. anymore.

used to have so much to say before gg mp.

ppl usually comment on the haha-ur-so-witty side of me.

but after gg there..

i became a storyteller. tellin my sob-story like..

Today i woke up. got out of my bed and brushed my teeth. i use darlie toothpaste. i think the commercials are a scam. i dont see any difference in the colour of my teeth. they are still sparkly white. sometimes,when there is really no mirror or water around nearby,i have to use my teeth as an alternative.
oh the life i lead.
the fame the glory.. i just hearts. loves. and <3 darlie toothpaste manymany.
cuz they make me

yes people.

thats the person i have become.

please try and get used to it yea?

its 7.05
i've just checked his blog.
and u noe what?

im just terribly disappointed.

to see him judge and call others "noob"
to see him change in such a short period of time and not knowin why the hell why.

to want to reach out and help but get rejected over and over.

its starting to get to me.

i duno if he reads this,he prolly doesnt but if by chance,he actually does.

to you-> u noe who u are and reallie. i told u i will be there for you.but treatin me.others. the ppl around u like tt.with the new revamped.changed YOU. doesnt help. i want the old you back.come on. seriously.

im trying my best already. i really am.

so bascially sherlyn wong's life now is just gona be this whole mundane routine.

every single shitty day i have to stay in school.
back till 5.


im stuck.
i have no social life anymore.
i cant escape.

its good for u sher..blah blah blah. really. u really must chiong now. blah blah blah.

oh shut up u sniggering smirkin snoops! *And thats a TRIPLE alliteration. HAH.*

i will chiong.
i will.

just let me be!

anyhow the matter with *** is kinda confusin me.
he blows hot and cold so i guess i am just leavin everything up to the One who is king.

watched singapore idol on tv mobile last night.
only managed to catch my darlin P2H.

thats paul twohill for u babye! tee hee hee.

so there i sat.
violently pluckin out my ear-pieces just in time to hear him Croon.

was bout to swoon when i saw the terrible terrible make-up.

who in thunderations did his eye-liner!!!

it looked like something a three year old kid doddles on paper.

big fat circles.

he looked like pumpkin too huge.
reallie. its damn terrible.

and the vocals..

oh my gandeh gudermah.

sighh. but in anycase im stil rooting for him cuz his rendition of the first song blew my heart right out of the window and into the sky where it floated for many many days.

i <3 paul twohill.

i got tuition in thirty minutes and my hw is undone.uncompleted.unfinished.

i wish i could say im unscrewed but i cant.

so everyone?

im screwed.

highlights of the day.

1. got my phone which belonged to ann hin cuz we traded.
CONFISCATED cuz i was messaging ky and i felt so dang guilty.
panicked. thank God for the sisters of strength. rach nuo ver.

got my phone back after warnin from Mr K.
what a nice teacher.

halfday tml.
everyyear wear the same ole stupid pink sari.
glad i misplaced it.
wants a kimono.
duno where to get.

dun even feel like going. grr.peer pressure.

okay. gt to reallie go. bye bye byee.

hEArts. -sher. ^_^#

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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