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Saturday, July 15, 2006

dont take too long to say i love you to the ones u love.

dont take too long to say i love you to the ones you love
cuz time has a habit of slipping away~

and out on the clear blue sky
when lightning strikes on a sunny day..

just take me in
and keep me from the rain..

what an awfully long week it has been!
went out with zer and derrick almost everyday.

out with derrick on thurs to study.
long john.

maths after skul was the ultimate crappiness.

almost everyone slept.

no point. havin this after sch stay till 3 plus shit.

for 8 whole weeks?

die. i confirm die.

chionged home.
bathed. cabbed down to parkway parade to meet zer,derrick,bryan and the whole basketball grp to celebrate clement's bdae.

pictures with zer.
upload next time.

down to suntec to catch
"pirates of the carribean "

my heart. oh how it flew during the show.
and it wasnt cuz of the moo-v.
nah ah ah.

shh. <3

trained home with zer,derrick and raymond.

met derrick.
went mp to look for zer and kim yip.

east coast to rollarblade.
taught kim yip to blade.


mereith came down too.

after tt mpcc where we met sylvia ashley eye-candy and co.

zer left to mountbatten with derr ,mere and ky.

i went down to church.

service was gr8.
elim church at serangoon.

back to church.
31 with zer derr and one guy called benjamin.

stuff happened.
cried on the cabb home

cuz all i needed was a sign.


cuz im fallin too too too deeply into this matter.

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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