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Monday, July 24, 2006

im urbanised. laalaalaa..


St hildas secondary school,from this day 24th July 2006 onwards..

shall be re-named as

St Skin-heads.

Had a huge surprise. no wait. SHOCK.
when i went to sch in the mornin .. entered the gate with the bestie..looked across the canteen and to my oh-my-gandeh-gu-de-mah horror...

saw my dear class mate CHEK ANN with a shiny bald head.

okay take away the shiny part lah.

but my .. fren.. oh geez. he looked like he just enlisted into the army!

and wa piang. believe me when i said that he reallyy reallyy looks like a monk lor.

imagine another smack-right-in-your-face impact when i turned and saw..

my 'child-hood fren',classmate for 4 years consecutively,all-the-girls-had-a-crush-on-him-in-sec-one-cuz-his-hair-was-drop-dead-gorgeous-smooth-and-silky..


@!%$#%$% gandeh kangkong banana!!

looked like a monk.

he's forever tellin me to go his Temple when i asked him to church.

and now..

he's reallie showing me a glimpse of what i would expect to see if i went to his temple.

oh geez!

heart attack.

i asked chek ann.

"oh whyy.oh why oh why oh whyy!"

he replied " to support the cancer charity cause.."

i noe i was mean but blown away and refusing to believe him.. i bellowed..

"yea. support. not Join them right!"

okay. that was mean. but i kept laughin.
-smacks sher.

piak piak.

but to make matters worse..

we stepped into the parade sqaure and saw..

so many baldies milling ard.

apparently Being Bald is the new in thing huh?

Once a Baldie.. always a Baldie.

Chun siong *somehow i think i spelled his name wrongly.pardon me.*
aiken- geez!
louis chan
chek ann
yong xiang
puwarma *tt looks wrong too.*
kenny lam

and a few other n.a guys but i cant reallie remember..

all from my batch.

i guess its cuz of the whole "must-have-slope-or-else-we-will-snip-off-all-your-hair" rule which apparently is the latest craze among the discipline department these days.

the guys.. damn poor thing.

today the girls were spared but somehow.. a lil teen weey part of me noes tt its not as simple as it looks.

i got this feeling..
that our turn's coming sch.

every girl i noe *me included* have decided to Quit sch if they actually am gona shave us bald.

i cant imagine if the girls walk ard skin-headed in our polka-dotted skirts lah. =x

anywayy good luck to all the poor guys who got caught *which is like.. almost every single breathing male who attended sch todae. =x

sch was okayy.
i totally love sitting beside ver durin chem.
she helped me with so much! <3

and the whole listening thing durin english was HILARIOUS LAH.
we were the only 2 Alive souls gigglin like anything.
sigh. so girls' sch.. i miss i miss. <3

to keep my mind off HIM, i reallie concentrated durin maths and chem.

and boyy did i learn alot! =)

after sch..
lunch with rach. den self study at the auditorium.

rach won the bet. now ver and i owe her paddle-pop.
shucccks. =(

went to find zer zer.

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down to mp.
den mtbatten.

diz guy crashed into me and i flew.
landed on my left elbow.
hurts like hell.

its swollen and the veins look like its gona pop out anytime soon.
i need some lovelove and cuddly-wuddly. -sniffs.

basketball was so boring today.
played this girl called sandra and her guy frens.
they asked for zer and i's numbers when we left.

Yesterdae was much more eventful.

finally a girls-onlyy day out with zer. <3

studied at mp.
wanted to go to tamp to get my F-woman's shirt and shorts but on an impromptu decision while on the bus..

the fickle us decided to head down to town.

the fact that we were DRESSED for town helped.

wore skirt and slippers cuz we reallie didnt want to be tempted by playin basketball at mp again.
told zer if wearin skirt didnt work..we could just not shave our armpits and wear sleeveless.

heh. that WILL STOP US. wouldnt it? =p


after much contemplating..
we decided to get our first ever NEWURBANMALE SHIRTS
which cost a freakin bomb that exploded at the counter when we handed our cash to the hunks working there..rather reluctantantly.

wanted to buy the monster shirt at first but changed my mind and got the other one instead.
so zer has the monster.
i got the free ride.

we cann exchangee. yipee yayy!

bought a F-womans top..which is pretty gorgeous.

and guess wad i saw upon enterin the NUM shop!!


NUM came out with NEW BAGS!!!


whatever happened to that shit head who sold me the bag that im carrying now..
still remember..he said..

"dont worry. u will only need one in one lifetime."


i fell in love with the new bag.

i noe i noe. i shldnt waste money like that..
but im gonaa get it.

im gg to get the brown one!
and zer's gona get the white one.

this is my current bag.

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yes it looks pretty hawwt. but u shld see the new one man! to-die-for! grr.

here are the purchases.
yes im awfully zhi-lian. -sticks tongue out.

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and this is zer's purchases.

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she's gonaa get this NUM shirt soon. *refer to below*

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the one i want costs. $60. =(
anyone wana donate to the sherlyn-sharity chest?

dun need to shave your head.
promise. ^_^#

gtg but before that..

hey God?

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and thats the reason why they coined the term.. a picture's worth a thousand words.

thats 2 thousand For you God.. and many manny thanks. =)

Your will not mine.
Love- sher.
<3 <3 <3

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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