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Saturday, July 08, 2006


its 1 am.

oh my gandeh.

my eyes hurt like hell and im so sleepyyyy i think im gg to stop njddddddddddddddddd d and enfn e. ewqd ...

*mighty huge yawn*

anywayy im reallie sorrie for the awfully emo-emo-im-so-emo-just-kill-me-la-please entry hrs ago.

gabriel was reallie nice.
chatted with him on msn.

den suddenly before i knew it .. i went out of the hse to meet him.

brought along the church guitar.

tried to teach me hw to play but my fingers.

they were being cranky and wayy too short.


gab's reallie nice lah.
we sat my hse ..the park.

blast songs and talked bout stuff.
i was reallie downn downn downn over certain stuff.

tt sweet kid got me chocolates and paddle-pop!!

ahhh so nice nice =)

after tt..went ta swing swing den accompanied him to the bus stop.

there is true frenship in the world after all and gabriel's just one of those rare souls.

im a lucky girl. =)
with awesome awesome frens.

ps* dun read too much into it yea. FRIENDS.

east coast with zer and derrick tml.
bathe change den str8 to church.
after church
down to town or parkway to celebrate mao mao's bdaye with the mpcc basketballers.

its 2 am.

freakin shagged.

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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