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Sunday, August 06, 2006


its been furrrreeeakin ages since i last updated!

i can onlyy come online on weekends. wad a major boo boo.
everyone should just weep so that
sg can go flood its rivers now.


right now i cant think of what i did the whole week ..
only can recall F.O.P!

fasted for the event..
took the whole fast-pray-tithe thingy reallie seriously cuz ..
their salvations were so dang important..


i reallie reallie wana see my frens get saved.

went for friday and saturdae's.

fridae->with zer and kim yip.
derrick backed out at the last minute.

service was the bomb.

"i am a mighty warrior of God."

thanks to edwin and his tpjc frens for queueing for us.
not allowed but tsk tsk.

bad sher. bad zer.
we should be spanked. =(

so we reached reallie late.
but we just cut all the way to the front..

past froggy's grp.
past mandy's grp.
past carol's grp.

my ears should be burning with the deepest guilt and shame but.. tsktsk why is it that i cannot help but laugh.


sorry guys!!

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in de end.. zer and i decided to sit all the way at the front. like right down.

had fantastic seats.
worship + service were awesome rawking bananas. <3

apologies to kim yip for leaving first..and not sitting together..
sorry dude!

went to play basketball with zer mereith ..

and CFC ppl!!

missed hosea,joel chew and grp cuz we came ard 10 plus.

chellie plays reallie well lah. hahaa.

mere went back to mj for sch stuff after that.
zer and i headed down to pp's kfc.
chilled. studied a lil and down to mp.

willyang -slangs- was there too.
plus guo hao and the rest...

down to mountbatten to play ball.
clement's bball team supposedly 'training' but the coach bailed out i guess. and there were only 5 -6 of them.

made new frens..
got to noe de liang -Raymond. -guffaws.
a lil better and he taught me two reallie cool basketball tricks. <3

bathed at the toilet there.
we looked hilarious trying to wash our hair at the sinks.

uncle opened the door and yelled at us.


even old men get pms-sey these days.

i had a frightening and horrible thought.

that nasty lao pekpek. just opened the door like tt.
wad if we were naked how!!

that was totally random but hey. that thought still rings true kaye =x.

fresh and clean-we bussed down to F.o.p

derrick almost went to play dota.. didnt wana go F.o.p
could see his reluctance and i was reallie quite disappointed.

fasted almost the whole week for their salvations. but .. sigh.

i guess the only thing i can sae is that the devil has an awfully strong hold over him. =x

sneaked in again.
*sigh when will we ever ever learn?*

even by the same route.
hur hur.
we are seriously lagi best.

benjamin,de liang,derrick,zer and i.

ben's sister helped us save seats..

and lalalla guess wad!!

BERNADETTE TAN *councillor* is ben's sister!!


it was reallie fun seeing the look of shock on her face.

huh?! u all play basketball with them??

tee heehee.

timothy..nat,sarah cheong,glenys.. my juniors.. all ard the same section.
saw aaron,terry and zhong xuan *Sorrie if i got the names wrong =x*

throughout the whole thingy.
i could not concentrate on the pastor's sms..cuz i was trying desperately to seek out verses and answer derrick's never-ending flow of questions.

his... "un-belief" made me reallie scared. pushed me further to go deeper. to grasp the answers and just.. shoot right back at him.

..everything. the way he reacted. to everything..reallie reallie frightened me.

i've shared with ppl. and i led two ppl to christ from last year till now.
its not much..but im really proud of the way they are progressing.

joel ooi and verena. <3

esp joel.. look at him nw.
its like..
WOOOH -slangs. JOEL! been there forever eye?


so yea.. back to derr.
its hard. the hardest in fact.

this .. is reallie the most difficult .
luckily for me.. i have not thought of giving up.

i dont intend to.

thats why im really takin this whole fast-pray-tithe thing reallie seriously.
so much so that..

i gave every single note/coins *minus the one meal i spent on* to tithings.

say if mum gives $20 and i spent $6. i give the rest to God.

i dont wan to come across as all self-righteous,act-holy-think-im-very-good.

i.. just..
wan a miracle to happen.

Planetshaker's this friday.
im praying that mereith,kim yip and derrick would come.

there's still 4 more days.
so many things can happen in this short span of time.

*through this eyes of faith.. everything is God's way God's way!! ^_^#

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and keith just told me that O level results are out on FRIDAY.

-rolls eyes.

how totally awesome can.

whatever the case.

if i get bad grades.

i will go the concert and pray for God to save me. hurry send me back to heaven or pray hard that the teachers mark wrongly. and of cuz praise him.

if i get good grades.

i will go to the concert and praise him. and pray that the teachers did not mark wrongly.

haha. gtg. <3 lovee.

ps i caught

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it is by far.. the BEST MOO-V i have ever watched.

gona watch it again. yayy! ^_^#

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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