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Sunday, September 30, 2007

had enough.

my friendster horoscope somehow always proved to be achingly true
(i know im not supposed to believe in this bull.)

but i spent the past 2 plus weeks brooding over this and tonight

Keeping your thoughts to yourself won't prevent arguments, so you should speak up.


to D.

im pissed off.
be a man and apologize.

"maybe. its my fault then."

maybe and no apologies and no sorry(s) or whatsoever just doesnt cut it.

our friendship is not based on your pride.

And dont dare anyone else come and tell me if Jesus can forgive why cant you.
DO NOT use any God or bible examples to speak of this.
Why not give the same advice to the person who sparked this off first?

i got Flamed first.
And i was Zero percent guilty in the Fault zone.

Consider it and consider why im taking this 2 week hiatus (which im apparently breaking)

im sick of it ok.

And you,
i tried my bestest to be there for you.

but ur taking me for granted.

when ur in a good mood, you talk to me.
if not, you just stand there all sullen and quiet.

what am i.
your dog?

someone who has to be receptive to your changing moods?

seriously, you know me better than anyone else but sometimes, at times like this.
i've enough.

To the rest, stop sitting on the fence.

when it comes to helping each and everyone of you guys, i promptly hopped off the fence to one side.
The right side.

Guess this policy only works in SAC.

Running at bedok reservoir at 9 plus at night,
results in this.

im sick of it u guys.

sick of it.

i know my flaws and i know them all.
i spent these past few days brooding and mulling over it.

sick of it
sick of it.

im done

now go ahead.
bad mouth me all you want.

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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