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Saturday, September 01, 2007

saying here we go again

and here i am eating ice cream on my bed
(i noe how some families have issues bout that, in a lil way im sorta glad that my mum's cool with this sorta stuff)

sticking my puny spoon into the lil bowl.

pink and white ripple effect ice cream
comes in a tub.
somehow this cheapo "kings" ice cream doesnt taste half as good as those $1 one you see everywhere.
Old uncles with their lil motorbikes.
damn cute.

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i love those bread kind.

i realized that thats the one rare items left untouched by the Gst-and-everything-else hike.

one dollar one dollar.

Balcony trip's postponed to next week.
Gab that MASCOT still working. hahaha.
Crys's gona go drink at east coast.
i cant drink sooooo
its okayyyyyy.

my ice-cream,'A complicated Kindness' and Itunes will keep me accompanied tonight.

an itty bitty part of me feels rather distraught though.
dang rare that both mum and dad are out of town.

i wana go home l8 l8 lehhhhh.


sher no more happenin' alreadyy.

plus i've no din din tonight and everyoneee else has made plans already.
plus my i have idiosyncracies (or u may call it insecurities)
because i find it super loser-woozer-sourmilk banana to
eat by myself.

u noe why?
cuz i always laugh at people who eat alone.

its a secret.
u dont laugh i tell you.
i will laugh at you for laughing at me.



hold on while i go playy scissors paper stone by myself.


maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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