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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Whisper to me

Yesterday day night, i found my favouriteeee pair of roxy slippers which i got this year but only worn once.
it made me so happyy i felt like i could explode like the fireworks i saw weeks ago.

Oh looky look!
its september already.
a brand new start hello sept bye bye august it was fun while it lasted wasn't it?

ohhh yes.
i totally agree.

for some funneh reason, i woke up at 530 in the A.M today.
messaged adriel that idiot who's LEAVING FOR THE MALDIVES till sat.
i asked for a sea-shell.
cuz i wanted to hear the sea.

but he just lauged at me and said NO he wasnt gg to get any for me.
maybe a grain of sand or two.

i think boyys like him shld be stoned to death with a million rocks till they get horrible sores all over their bodies.

so i told him that

"IF YOU WANTED A SEA-SHELL, i would have gotten TWO for you."
mm...maybe even three!

i thought that was extremely gracious of me but no that horrid boyy was still adament in his refusal.

what a cheapo beepo.
we talked about death.
and its scary how its happening all around us.

i cried last night when i saw Alson tang's friendster.
its like..
he predicted his own death.

the whole shout out box and who i want to meet.

i really hope he's okayy and up there in DaddyGod's hands.
i cant bear for him to be anywhere else but there.

chariot. -huggs.
i duno how ur coping with all these, but u seem really sad.
and i am serious. if u need anyone, i am here for u.


alrighty. off to church now!

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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