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Sunday, October 07, 2007

caught in the inbetween, a beautiful disaster.

why do birds suddenly appear
everytime you are near?
just like me,
they want to be,
Close to you.

that is why
all the girls in town
follow you around.

just like me,
they want to be,
close to you.


today i went to the airport to study with w ZER at Delifrance.
a lot of muggers and we were the early sparrows.

T1 has no hotties.
none at all.

The Amazing Zermaine did an amazingly rare thing.
which is an act of kindness.

she got me my favourite strawberry tart and i was flabbergasted.

speechless.nothing to wehhhh gonggggg.


thank u zerzerrrrrrrrrr.

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din din with mummyy was at Wisma, Teppanyaki which had a high Ewww factor.

price so steep.
food like shit.

Down to Tanglin mall to get Grocery shopping done at Tanglin Marketplace.

i went nutty over the nuts and we blew 100 over bucks on food and omgawd it was hilarious when i bluffed mummy and told her the bill amounted to $220.


was texting linus and that retarded boyy said he just did grocery shopping too which wowed me cuz i've never known a boy who did his own grocery shopping and then i found out his idea of that was kit kat and biscuits.


how very seven-eleven dooode. haha.

got a smoothie from andersons and it cost freakin 6 bucks but the lil old man who made my drink was so cute and he let me taste all the ice cream i wanted on lil wooden ice cream sticks and yum yum i got my blueberry berry on the beach smoothie and it was so delicious. I told him and waved byebye uncle! and said it was really nice and he said "as long as ur happy" in chinese and mummy and i couldnt stop giggling at him.

sucha dear old man. =)

maybe i'll sell ice cream when i grow oldie mouldie too.

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Tomorrow, Z's coming over to my place to study and that lucky girl's so so so blessed cuz guess what

I,SHERLYN WONG will be cookin marcaroni and cheese with taco chips tmr and weeeee my new ben and jerry's ice cream with blueberry waffles and blue chips like those you find in Starbucks and i got Freddie the Frog chocolates because i thought of Rach and i suddenly miss her so very very much and im glad she messaged me and im glad everything's well.sorta fine now i guess.

I also miss my twinny and nuo nuo and i hope to see them soon.

Goodbye people, tmr i will be 10 kilos heavier and then in time to come you wont recognise me.

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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