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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Saved by your mercy,found in your grace

Ever feel like you're waiting for that someone,
to slide into your life and ease his/her way through.


really really stay.

not linger for a while then leave but really, truly ..

to remain.

and your heart wont shiver with the fear that the person might slip away someday because faith and assurance leads you to believe that he/she is

one thing that stays mine.

starbucks today with bestie.
MJ boy came.

many things happened.
we kept daring each other and beste's dares. (set by none other than the wonderfully creative me)
were damn chiaaa laak.

i made her give candy to him.
and SOMETHING ELSE which is hahahaha super against my policy lolol thank God it was my dare for her.

poor mj boy.
everytime come starbucks kena harassed by two lil girls.

tmr im gona head down there again
this time bestie wont be there

after today, im quite humiliated.
i hope he doesnt show up tomorrow.

i wont know how to face him.

Exciting life after O levels.

Poo gang's gona head down to clarke quey and prolly Demphsey on wed to celebrate my AFTER Os. and their AFTER As. (cheena)

finally can dress up.


i decided to get a cool job and work part time while trying to finish this stupid SEM.

i've been missing so much lessons (i skipped today's 2nd lesson. )
mon-wed (knee injury) my bloody mc was considered invalid because np is bloody anal about chinese physicans.

i said it was unfair and the foolish woman on the phone said YEAH IT IS.

wthathell right.
3 days leh.

im gg to get disbarred soon.

plus next mon and tues i cant go.
cause of o levels.

no mc. how?

disbarred disbarred.

oh the shame.

see your reflection
im lost in your peace
your faithfulness sinks over me

and your love is the light of my soul.

(photobucket kicked the bucket tmr then show u pictures okok go to sleep now faithful readers)

oh and yesterday, D messaged me and asked if i wanted to go the MCR concert.

the super swaku banana muffin sherlyn wong replied what.

"M what? hahaha."


its my chemical romance.
thank you chanel for enlightening me.

okay derrick lets go i wana head bang and do rocker sign X 100000.

After Os/As. lets party okok.

i end on tues.
he start on tues.


which remindsme.

all the best ADRIEL CHOO.

oh and.

derrick chen, please take care of yourself.
dont pass the germs to other people you banana.
if anything, remember im always ready to send you my exotic food over.
(deffy better than your lousy cooking X1000 million percent)
after all im only one 22 bus away from you.

ok back to mugging byebye.

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maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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