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Friday, October 12, 2007

SHE entered the picture and me? i slowly dissolved into the background.

i did a video blog but somehow mac screwed up on me or maybe i screwed it up and somehow i just couldnt locate the file to upload it.

-use crutches to whack head X 100000.

today Z darlin came over and brought me to the sinseh again.
and i was a very naughty girl cause tried as hard as i could, i still 123 123 all the vulgarities.

i kept repeating.

"the physical pain is nothing compared to the emotional!"

super drama but damnit threshold of pain super uber low and i almost fainted from the pain and grabbin on to Z's hand.

After she left, my mum and i had a talk which left me in tears.

lets just say i was "unintended"

its okay i guess =) i love my mummyy very very much.

she said derrick was handsome which made me gag and went lolol.

then she asked me about "that tall boyy" to which i have zero answers to,really.

coincidentally, today's the 12th.

talked to mak yst, found out a few things.

today, i woke up and deleted 3/4 of the msges.

left one quarter and i hope i can muster up enough guts to jus 'drag and remove to thrash' like my mac.

oh yes.
thank you sean for tt message.

the whole trade knee if i could thang left me feelin very smiley smiley.


leg's bandaged again and monday i gotta go back and see that awful left-knee-raper sinseh.


i wish i could figure out the whole video blog thing.
its pretty cool.

note to self:

**** **!
** ***.
** ****** ***.

( few years down and i will stumble on this blog entry and realize i forgotten what this represents. haha)

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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