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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Do you have feelings for me?its either a yes or no.

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fat and skinny had a race
all around the pillow case
Fat fell down flat upon her face,
skinny said "Ha ha, I won the race.

im. getting. really. really. obese.

i. think. i. put. on at.least. twenty .kilogram. which. is . equal. to. 20000.grams. of. fats.

gone were the days of just being full with a cup of starbucks and 3 fishballs.
(O level stress peak period)

now i blow all my moolah (almost 100) on just food alone.

i should be castrated.

fish and co.
and today
pepper lunch for din din.
2 donuts from donut factory.
subway cookies.

all these in a span of 4 days/nights.

what makes it worse is i cannot exercise (need a new knee anyone wana trade knees?)
leg's not recovered yet.
idk why.

i. am. very. upset.

plus all these calories overload doesnt help any much except see an increasingly pui girl in the mirror.

i can have all the prettiest clothes in the world but a fat figure will do nothing at all to enhance any image or whatsoever.

need. to. cut. down. on . food. intake.


something rather major happened in marina square today.
was out with my mum and we started talkin about school fees.

apparently,she has yet to pay the 1.2 K
and tmr's the last day to do so.

i told her how miserable i feel when im in np,
how the lecturers wana speak to her about this "stay" in the polytechnic.

told her
not to waste that thousand two bucks and seriousluy just let me drop out.

she was pretty peeved.


censor censor censor

it made me really. agitated.

"fine. i stay. 6 more months. fine."

i was really upset.

then she called my father up which was the ultimate please would you pour salt into this bleeding wound please thankyou.


less than 10 seconds and.

"dont waste my money! who ask you cant even pass your F***ing maths last year?!"


i almost had a seizure. my heart felt so tight. i choked up on salty tears at the back of my throat and i just screamed

"ya ya whatever la!"

and then passed it back to my mum and started blaming her.

i mean wthell ,couldnt you at least wait till we got home then call him?


and to add even more spice to this already inflamed wound,

i saw a cuppa of friends while i was at my peak of anger.


so thats it.

6 more months.

Im sure God has a reason for this.

maybe i will fail my maths again.

Maybe im stuck in ngee ann forever.

if so,

then im really really screwed beyond screwed.

lecturer for CG (computer graphics , everyone please proceed to put a finger in your mouth and gag pls)

sent me this e-mail.


You have been absent twice, 15 and 29 October from Intro to CG class. Do note that I have given homeworks to your classmate that I expect to be completed and show to me during next week's class. If you have an MC for your absences, please submit it to the FMS office at Level 7. If not, then be advised that you have reached the limit of absences in this class. One more absent and you will be debarred, meaning you would be considered to have fail the module and must repeat it again. I expect you to be more pro-active to try to make up the lessons that you have missed, either through your classmates or making an appointment to see me. I have uploaded video tutorial online showing the different tools that was covered as well. Ensure that you are no longer absent again for this class from now on.

what a fantastic way to start the semester.
barely 1 month and im closed to debarment.

and the superbly ironic thing is,
on the two dates which i was absent.


knee injury, but no, they dun accept chinese physician's mc.

there goes 3 days.

2nd time was cause i had to go for my O level maths paper.

the polytechnic has yet to call me up to verify the authencity/validity of my "letter"

after all, my only proof is my entry proof (pun unintended)

hur hur.

imagine me getting debarred.

i will be the first DVFX student in NP.

anyway, pictures from yester and today.

sch tmr.


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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Do you have feelings for me?
its either a yes or no.


maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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