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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

i do not ask for this injustice to be vindicated.


guess what?

i found out who backstabbed me today.

this is my first time and i must admit, i am unpleasantly surpised.

maybe its because of the fact that I was the one who tried to reach out to her first.
or simply because in my naiveity, i believed that she was really the person i presumed her to be.

unique, quiet but.. nice.


just wana say thanks to the rest of the classmates.

muddy, nette,sam,jiyan,yaqi,atiq,dolly,zenna and clem.

Met up with cons and bie today.
tab told me of her one friend who also sheesh, backstabbed her.

and guess what.

both of them had the same name.

and on a completely random and absolutely no link citylink note,

Tab said this.

"should tell mother Teresa to teach them a lesson"

geeeez bie.

what a thing to say!


okay enough and im gona drop this matter.


sher got backstabbed leh.
quite funny.

must learn not to trust people so easily already.

PS: HELLO NEL GUESS WHAT YOUR MY i emphasise MY closest friend in np and i love you deep deep and no one can take you away from me cause muffin is by nature, an exremely possesive item on the menu okaaaaaaayokay?okay i noe right.flicks hair love you you see you tmr. Zomg byebye.

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maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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