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Monday, December 17, 2007

moody woody unhappy pie

i came the curse and because of that im a million times mood-ier than usual and i tell you all these angst could suffocate a suffocating person.

i am also mad because i cannot find my spectacles but am thankful that my brilliant typing skills are doing me justice now.

i am peeved because my mother got her curse too and so did zer and so did zer's mum and i just read V's eljay so did she
what is this
what is this you tell me what is this.

i knew something was up when i saw the Blood donation drive thing in emmanuel yst.

i knew it.

now i got plenty of excess blood to spare.

i think i'll ring the blood donation hotline tmr.

not funny you stupid sherlyn wong

oh my gawd all these angst and self-hatred.
no hatred is a strong word i like myself veddy veddy much thank you

kananana sai i went town again after church after meeting R for after what seems like 10 million years and yayy i saw sherwin and gab and vikram and wood and jy and monster ming and then we sat there chatting and it was fun and after tt, i met Zer and saw a million friends seems like everyone's into town now huh i hate town im sick of town

i went 5/7 times this week im SICK OF IT OMG DO U GET ME IM SICK OF IT

im feelin so exhausted now.

i have absolutely nothing to do tmr maybe i will go find zer at settlers she's workin hey sean are we still gg out as planned ah damn i wana go SPCA i wana go walk walk walk i hate you curse i really dislike you you are my monthsary enemy ka zam be gone now BYEBYE GO AND DIE DIE DIE.

full of angst,

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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