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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

and roped me in so mesmerizing

You are all angles these days, sharp edges and sharper words.  You are smiles that don’t quite reach your eyes, and answers that don’t quite convince. You’re lonely, even when you’re not alone. Everyone around you bleeds emotion, spilling out phrases like “I wish” “I hope” “I feel”. You’re not even able to slow down your thoughts enough to form an emotion. That, you think, is what really scares you.

Sleep the moon from your eyes. Sing into the silence, if conversation feels too wrong. Hold a hand. Feel more. Feel better.

today i dragged my sorry ass down to simei starbucks by my lonesome self.
sat there for 4 hours straight.
panicking and constantly texting G for help.
im such a douche im going to flunk. flunk. flunk.
today was the first time (since advanced diploma started and ended) I read the notes
and. i am. baffled.
Photos from couple of days ago this week when nick and i caught inglorious bastards which is 
5/5 btw. awesome show.

luv you^^
im still sick and coughy.
tmr i shall wake up early, at 11 plus and mug my sorry ass again for FINAL ROUND 2.
then wed, i say hi to hell el el.
and this is only the first paper. 

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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