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Monday, October 19, 2009


i am so pissed off with freaking dead buyers from thrashmyjunk.
if anyone knows this hp no. belongs to who
9272 0787, please give the douche a piece of my furious mind.

so this girl asks for a price reduction for a dress , i gave her one.
no reply. so i text her again. she agrees.
asks if i do meetups at tamp, tp?
i say yes, tamp.

then she asked, WHAT MATERIAL IS IT, COTTON?
i replied im not sure cause this one is pretty unique.
how bout i meet you and let you feel the material if you like it get it
if you dont, then its alright. (CCB THIS IS THE EPITOME OF GOING THE EXTRA MILE)
bitch replies,
"ok sounds gd to me. what time will i be able to meet you at?

asks for a meetup in tamp/TP (SHE'S FROM TP BTW, should be right?) 
GAVE IN TO HER and she said oh how bout 3 at bugis next wed?
so i was like no sorry i wont be going bugis on wed. btw what's your name?
(cause im damn sick of calling her babe and not knowing a name to a no.)

i text her again cause i was going town and if she was meeting me, i would bring the dress.

"hi i will be gng tamp in the morn only"
text me that the next morning. ccb. msg me in the morning to tell me she gg in the morning.

told her im going cityhall. asks if she's going, if not i wont bring and she replies.

"hey nt gg there today. so most prob true mail?(TRUE YOUR HEAD ITS THROUGH)"

i replied are you confirmed getting it dear. if yes you can transfer and ill mail out tmr.


i text her one last time.

"hello i would really appreciate if it you could reply my texts. i did state on my blog preferably no texting unless to confirm for items. please let me know if you are still interested as there is another buyer who enquired about it. thank you."

ccb replied, "hey will pass for now."

i fucking du lan, replied "oh thats great. thanks."

but im not feeling very peace loving now. im going to send her a scorching text now.

"You are a dead buyer and bloody damn irresponsible. If you check back the texts i have been nothing but compromising. You ask for meetups at tamp/Tp i give it you and you want bugis. Dont reply texts and say you will get it through mail and now pass. People like you piss me off.
Please refrain from messaging me to enquire. Have some decency. You wasted a good no. of my messages."

really really darn annoyed now.
i even got nick to drive me home the day before the "meetup" cause the dress was at my place and i didnt want to make her wait.

FUCK MAN. dont ask me to relax all ah. this is not funny. 

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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