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Sunday, October 11, 2009

holga effect so cool, i like.

hahaha the photos from Mstrkrft so amusing.
IKEA on monday, gelare on tues, lunch with best friend on wed and hopefully after last paper on friday, flyyyy to bkk for a good weekend of shopping. But i doubt there are still tickets.

oh yes i really must tell the tale of the 30,000 US jacket.

SO, yesterday night before we were inside Zouk
we had a bottle and i was in the toilet near Zouk.
when i got out of the stall, there was this american lady in her 30-40s? 

she looked at me and said, " i love your heels."
i was like thanks! they are form zara. i think its 75.

and she was wearing this absolutely stunning sequin blazer that was seriously, if i didnt know better some balmain jacket. the real deal.

she was like do you want to try it? i declined and she insisted.
when she took it out to pass it to me, it was MEGA heavy.

i tried it on and fell in love.

i asked her how much she said, "i..rather not say"
so being the awesome persuader i am haha i asked her again and she said..

"30, 000. US."



she laughed at my shocked face and then whispered in a throaty breathless voice,
my ex boyfriend got it for me. i laughed and told, well that's a good investment there. and she kept going on about my purdy heels and oh boy, i would stripped off my entire outfit in exchange for that jacket right there and then.

forget zouk, i go home sleep in the blazer forever and never take it off.

but the sad truth is we said our gushing goodbyes and i forbid everyone to touch my shoulders after that. haha im damn gross.

innyhoo, that life changing experience aside,
NEXT SAT, home club flea market, i will be hosting a stall there.
everydone, do come!

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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