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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

please exit immediately

here are some more additional photos from my room and void deck photo mania with pokemon.
 (blogger not working =(
tmr would be my first paper. 
gotta wake up at 6 ish and reach mdis queenstown by 9.

sigh here's to a start of hell.

things may look up once i get my AA skirt, V neck basic and AA le sac dress. 
im pretty excited about THAT. 

and. i think i want choppy hair.
i might cut some choppy hair tmr. chop chop.

last night was tremendous hell for my soul.
till 7 am, i stalked fuckyeahhappy.tumblr to try and feed my soul with some chicken soup.

i also choose to believe tomorrow will mark the start of something good.
after first paper, down to town with phy (it's been ages) for a good old indie feel good film, 
PAPER HEART. at cathay 
pretty excited plus i need to catch up with her. 

alright shall try second round of studying for MMR paper
i got A B C the last three exams.
im aiming for a B B B this time round, please come on.

wish me love and luck,goodnight pies. ^^

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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