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Monday, October 12, 2009

stay love stay

today's paper wasnt pretty bad considering i didnt study. ^^
these mdis exams are starting to make me feel complacent, i actually feel pretty genius-y coming out of the exam room with ink marked palms and a happy contented heart.
down to tampines to do some shopping for pokemon and i's 1 year
woooot i got him 5 teeshirts from uniqlo, one for his dad, A SUPRIZEEE gift for nicky chu and a top from dorothy perkins for his mum and loads and loads of accessories from Diva and Topshop for myself and a ring for Zer oh boyy i feel happy.

the following three items which i paid a week ago hasnt arrived yet (PHOTOS ARE ABOVE)
and im feeling pretty nasty about that.
wa rau. 

but neh mind cause
im going to ikea later with boyfriend!!!
im so terribly excited i want to get a new wooden table instead of the silver one i have now and a mirror even though i have 2 full length ones in my room. but im broke so im gona head there and scour out the prices.
its 3pm and im dead beat. really getting old already.
shall not be lazy and do some more clothes thrashing for my lil website now.

check out l8r tonight!!

kk i go try on old clothes and take a million photos now.
dslr slut. =(

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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