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Friday, November 20, 2009


i've been recieving super publicity and sales have improved.
this is gr8.
kix's trust fund (i kept the earnings in a brown envelope) Is getting thicker with blue notes.
some photographer guy fb msged me,and asked to take the photos for my next shoot for collection(i havent thought of a name yet) for free but i guess im going to save that for later cause the next mini vintage collection is hahaha seriously, ultra mini.

btw, it's uni-sex this time so stock zero gets to shine too.

btw, freda if you are reading this, thanks for the tip-off.
hopefully, i'll get a stall on the 20th of december @ the st james flea.
the next day after i come back from hongkong.
everything's going really smoothly today.

just like how, the girl who was hxc no.1 blacklisted deadbuyer who confirmed 4 items from me
came back alive ysterday night

" I know i've been blacklisted before but that's why I haven't been shopping online for quite some time until I saw KIX, i hope you know i'm really interested, not a dead buyer.
City hall, would you prefer afternoon or evening? Because ?i haven't confirmed what time i'm going out tmr either.?
Thanks so much for understanding!! "

and so, i did a meetup with her.
at first,the wait was damn bad because she had alot of mini reasons/excuses all at the last minute and pris and i were just sitting there staring at my phone and feeling damn moody about it.

but all's good!SHE TURNED UP! i am *** richer now. very good.
can pay off debts now.

met up with two other super nice buyers who both texted me to say they loved the dresses i sold them. I FEEL FUCKING GR8. i kept smiling and waving my phone @ nick to show him.
hoot hoot! 

what a gr8 day, and to top it off.
my best friend accompanied me to TP to support my fav singer in the whole wide world, phylicia wifey storm lee who ROCKED and i mean ROCKED and OWNZZZ tp mini stage with her vocals. riley in the morning was gr8 gr8 gr8 and gawd, my heart was so full and brimming and beaming and grinning with pride when i stared at my phylicia,up on stage.

i love you wifey you are so damn awesome.

AWESOME DAY WAS TOPPED OFF WITH monopoly @ justin's with aye, nick,justin, bestie and i. its 210 and im here at nick's. shall go watch gossip girl.

btw check out KIX, there's a backorder i just opened.

i love this blog, my domain where i can publicise shamelessly and no one can say two HOOTS( haha best, get it?) about me. 

btw i counted, 5's the no. of time i used GR8! in this entry.
how gr8! 
im very amused right now.

shoot me please.

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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