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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I got this awesome handmade 'book' to write down the accounts for KIX (the online store)
im getting serious, bodoh!
Things have been looking up lately.

hung out with Zer and aye. made grand plans.
completed grand plans.
sneak preview tmr heeheehee.

Georges with Gab,best friend, nicky and justin on Friday night

SATURDAY saw me at a gig at Arab Street.
there to support Anton and his bro and the band.
a lil halal cafe with the sweeeeetest! backdrop.
so seh-si, i like.


sent roy to butter

We made sweet impromptu plans for Malibu (my first, yumz yumz) smashin wine and SPONGEBOB monopoly at anton's crib.
im gona miss that Opera estate house once anton moves out.
hahaha i say as though i always go there but nah ah, it was my first and hopefully not the last.

The day i fell in love....
I WANT!!!!!!!
The pet dino i didnt manage to capture and bring home to raise and make babies.

nick is so adorable when he plays monopoly i swear. he was like a lil-er kid bouncing around, going to the toilet with his play money cause he scared people take even though he was pokemon master of cheating, stealing and committing hxc fraud.
in the end, he dominated the board.
anton was out first then me and jy gave up playing.
nick was the epitome of gleeful. hahaha

he was super annoying cause he kept insisting he wanted that giant darth vader clone? imitation to be the how to say, game piece. WA RAU SO BIG.  after that he switched to a rubber band. lol. knn.

Caught the movie Poker king at cathay cine and then brought nicky-chu to his first thai express!(my second and boyyy was it awesomer than ever!

this photo makes me fall in love even harder with you,my nicky-chu pacman.

btw everyone, pokerking kind of sucked.
i thought hongkong movies were of gr8 calibre. sianz damn disappointing.
btw did i tell you??
IM GOING GUANGZHOU,HONGKONG AND MACAU with nicky!!! (and his mum and their neighbour)
nick's mum damn nice paid for my ticker + airfare all.
im really really blessed.
i cant wait to go!!!
after watching PokerKing, nick and i will dominate the macau poker tables.
you watch out! i come back with more chips than cash cause i sentimental kiddo on the block win so much want to keep the chips as memory so i dont cash out bahaha.

sad thing is, im gona miss ZOUKOUT YET AGAIN.
for like the 2nd time in a row since i turned legal.
i dont want to go my first zoukout when i 20?
im sibei old.
pimples turn into wrinkles.
/wrist.bleed slow slowww death.

Katong laksa, Ice cream chef, $1050 kittykats
you see this pic
you think he so cute then you see this,

and you will completely change your mind!
haha i love you my goofy guyguy.

on another note, its the 10th of november
my dad's birthday.
it strikes myheart to see and realize that it has been exactly one year since the accident happened. since Vietnam horror and now my mum relieves it by going to the hospital faithfully everyday without fail.
me, im weak.
i am a coward because i cannot do that. 
not cause i dont have the means, but because im cowardly i shrink from physical pain and
seeing him lying there on the hospital bed kills me each time i go. 
im a lousy daughter and tmr i will be going with an empty heart because i have so much to say but im always so choked up and i lose my place. my footing.
i wish he could recognise me and understand what i want to tell him but he cant and that fucking kills me. im draining away because he's draining away.
i want to tell him about KIX, even my mum doesnt know cause she doesnt support this.
but i want to secretly tell him cause he , before the accident, was a manager of a textile company and he dealt with fabrics everyday and he made me a top which he designed himself.

i never got to tell him how fucking sorry i was to have fought with him the last time he was in singapore before he went back to Vietnam,before the accident.

im choked up and im scared of going to the hospital tmr.
i dont know how my mum does it.
i love you daddy, happy birthday.

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maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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