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Monday, November 23, 2009

i think of you,always.

wau. this space has been pretty stagnant.
things have been going pretty smooth (i guess?) in my life.
current state of mind is calm.
i am excited for this week and the month of december.
This week will see myself
watching 2012 with nick and his dad, 
town with best friend, 
the short stint at marriot hotel as a photographer. 2 hours = 50 bucks
easy money!
and the IT SHOW this week @ expo. 

i am almost counting down the days to guangzhou.
soon soon! just gotta get the flu jab soon.
hopefully, i wont be allergic to it.

Yesterday, saturday was pretty fun. 
driving the whole day/night with gab behind the wheel in his car and me and jy in nick's.
consumed A LOT of petrol yst. let's see..

beer and charades @ bedok reservoir, sec sch-catching up and fuckin hilarious knee-slapping kind of hilarious stories at tampines during late night supper, movie before that (free tickets thanks to aye) @ marina square, haji lane for zam zam dinner, pasir ris to pass a buyer her stock and paya lebar to get envelopes and meet people.
all these with nick and jy gab and his boyzz. 
it was super fun, charades was fucking awesome.
played till 6 am
i just realized we spent almost fuckin 24 hours tgt. haha awesome.

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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