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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

it doesnt matter.


am selling the white cardigan from Mango
its absolutely brand new not worn at all except to take that shot. mint condition. $40
blue lace crop cardigan brand new with tags.

This is basically my halloween 
i wished everyone dressed up! Aye's friends and our group.
invited gab and his boys over.
scroll down to see ming's classic halloween outfit.

Gab actually tore his shirt to look the part and ming bought his * outfit from toys r us? 
HAHAHA. classic.

me in civilian clothing and star marks on my hands courtesy of nicky chu's paws

my vampire.

sex bomb best flen.
im a gr8 photographer aye, flicks hair.

Gina's farewell @ alley bar and spinelli =(

ANDDDD. thrashmyjunk is updated again.

im starting to resent how i look and that's not very good for the morale.
the comments on FB as to yayy or nayy about the upcoming online thing has been gr8 and i feel really pleased. 
(taken last night)

but i feel like i look so tired and haggard, no sparkle in my eyes no glint of mischief no sunshine
haha im doomed and born for gloom.
so it's starting to slowly come along.
these week, two weeks? thrashmyjunk has helped me pay off 240 bucks of the fucking NEA fine
i just gotta sell two more items or slowly accumulate my 10 dollar a day allowance.
gawd im exhausted everyday with the lack of nothing to do.
restless restless.

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maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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