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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


It feels like time is passing real slowly.
i am contemplating the decision to buy the macdonald prize from some girl on SGST
apparently she won this malacca/KL cruise and is selling it off at $850.
i want to go! been ages since i went super star virgo.
gone are the days where my dad's a member. gone are the monthly trips on superstarvirgo.
gone are arcade days and seeing my first hxc crush at the time crisis machine.
(thats why i ownzzz @ time crisis at the age of 19, hahaha)

i've decided to quit worrying about KIX.
everything is in God's hands. 
i have been the lousiest wimp of a christian this year and trust and communication with Him hasnt exactly been top notch in my to do list these days.
i ought to do something about it.

in any case, tomorrow is my graduation project and the lastest time i will step into MDIS 
FOR to the EVER ER ER.
how happy i am!
im gona try and build KIX up slowly, spread the luv'in around
btw thank you everyone for the 2000 hits on KIX, it's only been what 3 days since the launch?
i happy, but i will be even more happy if you could take the wallet out and count those pennies.
hahaha i sound like such a douchebag.

anyway! i want to thank phylicia and nette, Vmay and best friend for being ever so supportive.
without their words and encouragement (cb i sound like im doing oscar speech) i seriously
whoa, i dont know. ill just feel lousy all the way.

i dont care if im not supposed to be doing it, i havent gotten any shopping since the setting up of kix and i figure (to my own justice and self-denial) that i need some new clothes to make myself feel a tad better.

please dont beat me, =( =( =(

last but not least, behind every successful woman there's a man to back her up
and even though i am far far away from being successful, i would like to thank the only guyguy in my life right now, NICKY HUAND YONG XIANG for being my strength.

i would like to state how gr8ful i am for these past 5 days where i stayed over consecutively at his house, playing monopoly and getting thrashed by him. for (ok,shame shame) drying my tears when paranoia sets in, for kissing the doubt and worries away (hahaha sibei cheesy like nacho cheese) and for seriously, being the most wunnerful boyfriend in the world.

i was at anton's place on saturday(day of the launch) in the early afternoon and i was fucking stressed cause after zer left, i was doing hxc editing of the photos even though i was supposed to be cooking pasta for anton's party ( I SOWIE, TON) and missing out on the party downstairs =( 

i was editing like hell (and thank you roy rocketman for helping) with the guys and wifey my fav singer in the whole wide world singing along to roy's wailing and anton's fancy handwork on the guitar when CCB IT WAS 1130 already and anton's comp crashed and i panicked like hell.

so my hero nicky insisted on flying me home to his place to finish up the editing and within 3 mins, we were out of anton's in a flurry with jy, the faithful friend running alongside us 
and it was a mad speeding rush and idk how the hell the love of my life did it but we managed to fly back to his place before 12 and i ran up the stairs panting cause nick was like take your laptop, go go go!!! and so i thundered up the stairs, leaving twiggy and nick's dad bewildered.

i was still too late and i was panicking like hell cause from 12-1230 am , the stats counter was jumping like hell and this cbai sherlyn wong stilll havent launched the damn collection.
1240? and i was done and gawd, i felt like crying.

checked my inbox and this girl confirmed like 3-4 items and nbcb guess what it's tuesday and she is a fucking dead buyer. 
i am so sick and tired but i expected this cause i googled her email which is btw, 
FUCKING HELL, she's blacklisted everywhere on sgst and sgflea.

seriously, you try googling her email.
amazing results.

sigh. neh mind. take it as a lesson learnt.
im going to use whatever puny influence i have and announce to the world, so this space shall be the first of my hot hot wrath. meow.

THEN, at bout 1 ish 2 am we went back to the party and stayed there till 6.

its 222 am and im pretty exhausted but im not done with my ppt for GP yet.
i miss my nickychu pacmac already and it looks like it's going to be another long week before nick is finally done with his SIP then knn, go back to poly then... 

excited for the first 2 because i can get more stock, this time target the guy guys.
the macau trip is for me to comeback rollin' in chips and cash so i can pay people to beat dead buyers up haha i kid. 

long and whiney post aside, im off to my ppt now. 
goodnight happy pies. 

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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