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Saturday, December 26, 2009

merry christmas 2009 and happy boxing day

Hai everyone, i havent been updating properly like a good kittykat.
so, i shall attempt to do so now.

Christmas this year was not anything different from the previous year
The usual drinking and pub-hopping.
I felt a sense of something missing and i know very well what it is.
I miss God.
More than anything else, i miss His soothing presence which climbs over my inner brick wall inside and combs away the complexity and mess of emotions.
I remember being a broken water tap last year or was it early this year and how my world (cliche as it sounds) just kept crumbling.
After that, things became moldy. Situations barely improved and sometimes, i got to be honest but certain h8 comments on my blog really pull me down.
Like this year, i think it was pretty recent, bout 1-2 months ago?
i get a comment talking bout how screwed up my family is and how im a scum etc etc for nt trying to repair my broken family and the situations.

In my mind and of course openly saying it, i shout 'fuck you cb you dont know anything' to both the computer screen(kns, that's the best i can do, afterall internet spammers all share one thing in common,Cowardice. and while bitching and ranting away in the comfort of friends and boyflen.

Sometimes, i jerk awake to the thoughts that pretty much consume me, and no im not asleep.
just, too awake.
There is a lot of hidden emotions in and me and as FUCKED UP as you think i may be, or portray myself on the internet etc, i sometimes wish people can talk to me and really, seriously like aiyah talk to me lah.
im getting pretty much sick of comments telling me how useless i am, how lousy kix is, and how fucking ugly i am, etc etc. kns, if im miss world 09 you think i still got time to blog and open shop meh.

Recently, kix has been getting tonnes of mean publicity and somehow or rather, that generated an influx of nice customers and although i dont quite rationalize the balance, i still wish that people can stop being mean and be more constructive.(in terms of kix)
some douche said i looked 25 and my dressing is bad and shit you cupcakes, i damn well like the way i dress k.

aiyah, im tired of saying this but i really get pulled down by the mega mean comments hurled at me sometimes and i wish people can just stop doing that. (god, i sound like a real pity party, sianz) i for one, never go and spam someone's blog or whatsoever and leave nasty cb comments and it just pisses me off cause some wankers actually do that, for what benefit?

i just realized i totally digressed. i was supposed to talk bout christmas.

i love your card and the present my dear phy thank you so so much. =)
we had marche and my wifey is a fucking gangster who drags people on the floor by their hair.
P, if i need protection next time, i will look for no one else but you.
walked around 313 and ion then split up near late evening.

down to cityhall alone
expensive dindin with nick, aye gab soon ming nicholas kimberly wood kiew and eugene @ chijmes
zer came and we all went to cafe iguana, had margaritas then crossed over to some pub/club opposite yellow jello and had more drinks and a little bit of dancing
Btw, soon ming has a hidden talent. that guy can dance man.
hahaha im freaking serious.

split up at 4am ish
feeling no alchohol effect whatsoever and a huge hole in my pocket.
Next day, christmas!
i really really love christmas. it fills me up. i love it. =)
i had din with my mummy and godpa at seafood jumbo.
i felt really fucking happy when i saw my mum wearing the clothes i got her and she loved the sequin shoes. hapz hapz hapz!

clarke quay with nick and we headed to yellow jello
live band was pretty cool and we made a couple of friends from KL
left at 3ish and here i am awake at 11 and its 122 pm and nick is still knocked out cold dead to the world in his dream land of cats and unicorns.

I will blog about Guangzhou trip later but right now here's some pic's of guangzhou, Hk and macauuu.

also, look.i damn sian. shouldnt have cut my hair.
you see the difference. my fringe.

happy boxing day happy pies!!! =)

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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