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Friday, December 11, 2009


Look. i Zhng my iphone with robot stickers with moving beads inside.
i blingxx notzzz.

Wed. Butter.
best night out @ the clubs, Ever.
went with nick best phy and tim.
Saw my darling S!!!
and we were wearing the same shoes. hehe.
thanks simon for the guestlist and the drinks and amanda thanks for the jaggerbomb!
this malay bartender guy grabbed my shades off my head, demanded and insisted he kept it.
told him he could keep it if he give me one free jaggerbomb.

.. i went home with a jaggertummy and no shades.

also, some guys tried to be funny.
there was this cbai bastard who was i swear 1 cm away from my fuckin lips and my hero who emerged from the shadows was tim can and not nick!!! 
yongxiang, please hang yourself.
i angry!
YOU OWE ME one single kinderegg, this promise you must keep!
also i forgot to mention, a few nights ago.
nick anton roy phillson/philson? and i cruised down in anton's snazzy lil trusty car to ECP
to fish and drink beer and loads of beer
we didnt catch anything, played charades and Strip Rhyming.
Guess who lost and was butt nekkid
and i mean what what in the butt nekkid like gugubert nekkid.


that night also involved loads of illegal pee-ing and prolly by now, the extinction of fishes at that particular jetty in East coast.
I am not blameless.

Today, we had the blast of a time and got cheated of 3 awesome rides at Escape theme park.
we decided that clubbing the night before is not healthy because nausea stays and the remains of martell and other forms of potent evils still swirled in our wrinkled livers.
weather was raging mad.

good boyfriend sent all my friends home then steamboat at my place with my mum. =)

we also had steamboat the other day, nick and i.
we ate 11 servings of meat.
we were sly and conniving and cheated the guy of 9 portions.
2 stomachs , 11 servings. we are fucking bottomless pits.
you bow down to our pits now, you bow down now.

Then one day, the aweome dec 3rd where i went out with my dear nette
and caught up after 10 dinsoaur evolving years. 
Q-ing up for free starbucks.
gawd toffeenut latte frapp i will miss you when you leave us after december. =(
Free movie cause these 2 guys came up to us while we were sipping our bucks like gentle well-behaved ladies and gave us their tickets cause they needed to rush off.
nette and i werent so well-behaved in the cinema.
we set someone's hair on fire with a candle nette bought from ikea.
hahaha bluff you lah.
we where got go ikea. no candle, = no fire = no hair harmed.
i cr8tive imagination ftw.
-flicks hair.

then i left to meet zer and the rest and Timbre.
catching up with old friends.
then edwin sent all of us back, nice fella.

i went to meet nicky porcupine (yeah i know, another sibei lame nick name (haha nick name geddit.) for nick. then the boys (justin, lester) all went driving and the three of them were racing each other with their cars. nick was insane.

speeding at 160? 180? im not sure km 
i hope his family's not reading this.

we went to punggol to prawn. and we caught 6 and for the first time of my life, i caught a prawn and what a milestone in my life.
my entire chest swelled with pride i swear.
one of my proudest achievements in life hahaha.
eh i caught 2 prawns leh. out of 6 which involved justin, nick, lester,yuuki and me.
yeah i damn showoff. 2 out of 6 leh.
2 leh.
my maths f9,d7 fail but i know 2 out of 7 not bad.
hahaha who am i kidding. 

oh and one of those wet days in early december, nick anton and i went to the expo book fair and i got 3 novels. i hope i can finish them by end of december! 
i used to read so much more. =(

oh and nick and i popped by phy's mini party/glen's birthday celebration at her crib.
that day she was 20 and she celebrated her birthday.
The police came. They wished her well for her 20th birthday party and left in a hurry.

what else.
oh yeah , i put on weight.
feel terribly sad but swa lah. go HK i will whack all the xiao long bao and milk tea with pearl and dim sum until i become rolly polly.

so today is thursday and its 104 am so its technically friday and then sat's going fly to us real soon.
jing yun's coming along with us to guangzhou also.
i hope i score some good threads there to bring back.
everyone please dont forget KIX is having a store at the St james flea, swap and shop on the 20th kay!!!!!!!! i will be back on the 19th so no time to promote.
have fun kittypies.
i will miss my three fav girls. =(

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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