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Friday, January 15, 2010

a little recap a little reminscing a little wayward future peeping

i am so excited for the bkk trip in march!
am desperately raising money (and kix is doing well, so thank you everybaaadie who supported^)
for the trip and the spending allowance there.

i intend to raise enough money to get better stock and more suppliers/manufacturers there.
it will be good, i promise!
This will be the first time im paying for an entire trip myself. havent taken allowance for a long long time and though it sucks sometimes, i do get that tad of satisfaction knowing i can pay for my own stuff myself now.
though nick helps a lot with the meals haha thanks b.

so recently anton and roy discussed with us the idea of heading to phuket?pattaya? or langkawi (wa my spelling is atrocious) with a bunch of other people.
scooter on the beach, coconut helmet, living the ghetto life.
walking out of your hut to the beach
everything sounds fab and i want to go but money's going to be a huge problem.
since i am currently self-employed (haha joke.)
i really need to find a good paying job soon.
im still trying to find my future calling this 010.
it's not getting any clearer.

whatever the case, i hope i find my answer soon, so God help me.
a few posts ago, the melodramatic me posted a sad sob story post bout my heart being twisted.
thank you for sending me text msgs and fb msgs of encouragement.
i appreciate it a whole bunch and i wont forget, i promise. =)

that said, after almost 2? years of getting my iphone, i have finally d/l apps in it a few days ago.
the photos are amazing but my battery life is so bad i dont get to fully fully utilize it sianz =(

innyhoo! here are some photos from 2009, mum's birthday at the jap buffet restuarant at suntec (it's super amazing btw you all should go try, eat one time in your life before you die.)

then to the thai club at heeren before going to find zer at double O around 1

Christmas 2009

Christmas dinner @ jumbo, east coast yummz

i got her the knitted cardigan from hk and the snowflake ring from diva,singapore
remembered being so happy when she wore it, couldnt stop gushing cause she normally dont wear the stuff i get for her. sianz

when i went with gab to get his locks cut off, for a bribery of $200 (WELL WORTH IT)
then dessert at bakerzins

That one night where jerm and nick went fishing from 7pm to 7am and they caught nothing
i wrapped presents for christmas and slept in the car at 3 am and it was raining
and they fished and fished in the rain and i woke up at 7 ish to a knock at the window and their zero catch but rainy bodies. hahaha

On the issue of fishing,
one of the days i went to do KIX's photoshoot and nick went fishing.

Two days ago when we went dating on foot
both of us getting damn lazy, now got car we hardly use public transport
especially him since he drives to school and back.
so that day where we went town on the train, it was kinda like old times
those times where we were super broke, no money to eat good dinner
haha those broke times were happy times though
now we are just two lazy fat asses who rely on the car 24/7
no car lazy go out

i like taking the train with you.
we played doodlejump, my latest 0.99 cent app (yeah lah i lag lah haha i refused to conform last time but sianz in the end also join hype i not cool.)
and gunman, shooting down people randomly on the streets of orchard
reading books on 10001 places to go before you die at borders
being super budget, no money buy travel book so we used hp and copy down the clubs and shopping areas to go in bkk.
din din @ pepper lunch and i was already feeling super crappy from the impending flu..
which i really did get in the end. (currently typing this with super nua legs and a bad bad blocked nose, phlegm overload)

Royston and jerm came over at night
we had cherry wine from tasmania cause apparently SG dont import
and it was so so so so good
reputable cherry wine, if you know nick personally you will know he can hold his alcohol damn well.
few years ago, 2 cups of cherry wine knocked jerm and nick out before 12 am.
hahaha super amusing.
this year he's stronger but apparently his gf's abit better cause the 4 of us got 2 six packs of beer and nick got a real massive hangover.
see la, ta ta ta somemore until you die.
sherlyn 1, nicky 0
victory sign.

In order of sequence, a random nice peekture of twiggy-chu, my beautiful wifey wearing the top i gave her HEHEHE , and me being super happy 2 months ago when i got my 2 new lomo cameras which now, sianzipua i got the iphone Application which can take pretty much the same effect photos also. hahaha.

And these were taken yesterday where we stayed home the whole day cause i was feeling so damn crappy. started the scrapbook for a customer's loved one. i hope this looks okay babe!
and dont worry im not even 20% done yet. still got to print the photos. =)

pretty twiggy fascinated by my blue glowing ginormous diamond ring

While running out of things to do, i did a kix mailing list cover.
which will be at the home club flea so whoever comes down tmr , 16th jan
please rem to leave your email down for the mailing list! =)

And these are a few random shots of nick yst? or the day before. last pic is my beautiful bag.

his room haha check out his breast in the pic, idk why so big i cannot stop laughing
nick'sbreast bigger than mine, what beeg boobies he has!!!

This is the quote i used for the back of the kix's mailing list book.

What a mega long entry!
alrighty im going to rest the flu bug away.
see you all clean healthy freakz tmr at home club flea, from 2-8 hokay!!!

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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