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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

so maybe baby please

And as expected, the pussycoward who left the last h8 comment didnt come back to show her skank face. Leaving h8 comments anonymously-People like that disgust me more than anything. I am still feeling mad pissed over the dad comment so come out from that hole, bitch.

Angst and acid feelings alike, as of lately i have been feeling a little inspired by the things around me and emotions are a plenty like the plenty of nightmares i got. Last night was a killer which i shall not mention, but the greatest fear in my life was played out and i really thought i would never get out of that dream alive. i need some soothing tea, one whole pot to make me feel normal.

so here are some pictures from the awesome flea at home club.
check out my cookie monster ring. if you can spot it.
Thank you Nicky for sending phy and i there, for helping us set up and everything and for running the errands without grumbling even though you were hungry and tired and at the end, clung like a tired kittykat to my belt cause you were grumpy. you are adorable!

THANK YOU GEN FOR THE STICKY! YOU SO SWEET! =) =) hope you like the clothes hehe.

nicky's high score for doodlejump. tim sad. =( both of them were competing with each other while phy and i over there trying to make money.

Anton and Roy came after that for a surprizeee visit.
although i highly suspect it's just to check out the chicks, omm mm mm
all of them left after that, leaving nick and i.
stayed there till 7ish before we left for tamp.

pastamania then home, nick napped then we went to play poker @ bayshore,
something which is happening pretty often this week.
bayshore is super windy at night!

Yesterday, met my mum for lunch and we went to watch alvin and the chipmunks 2
and it was freaking adorable, i swear for those who havent watched it yet, please go.
i watched the first one with her and the second one is much better.
"must have air before it's too... late... no.. mother! too.. late..." tongue out of chipmunk cheek.

then for the first time in my life, i did nail art which i am slowly getting very fascinated with this year, i realized.
im not the kind who does her nails so i always laugh at zer and say she waste money when she do her nails but then this year i conformed, =(
2nd day of jan 2010, i went to get electric blue nails on my left and mermaid gree on my right cause i couldnt decide which colour i prefered.

Yesterday, i got them in a shade of nude and for the first time in my life, tried nail art, its damn awesome how they can draw it freehand on a tiny nail.
i have conformed, joined the dark side and i feel very girly. hahaha.
its super expensive though, like $6 a strawberry nail, so i did 2 only and the rest is in nude.
(i cannot believe i typed 2 entire paragraphs on nails..... please shoot-o me.)

walk around a lil more before nick came and pick us up then we sent my mum home.
picked Roy who was 2 bus stops away from simpang but didnt lost, poor boy was lost AND scared. met anton and his friend, amelia, we sat for a little while before leaving.

lazed around and at 1 am went for supper, thank you for the happy meal! and super hor fun plus i ate chicken rice, so much for my must lose 8 kg diet. die liao.

innyhoo, i am going to launch the next collection this week.
THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SUPPORT, THE LAST COLLECTION WAS COMPLETELY SOLD OUT. for the listed available stock left from past collections.

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maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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