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Saturday, February 27, 2010

im so mad
im so mad at the world and to be honest, im mad with God too.
i havent been this mad for ages.
yesterday, i got my heart thrashed and today my patience just flew out of the window.
fuck everything thats wrong in my life.
fuck all the wrongs. there are never any rights.
im so fucking pissed and upset.

i just snapped 30 mins ago.
fucking hell everything.
i took 300 over pictures of clothes to be sold
and now the fucking SD card is spoilt so my 3THOUSAND plus 300 over photos from today are ALL GONE.
poof. just like that.
plus rem few months ago, my mac decided to erase everything in the comp?

even my fucking beloved camera SD card.
fuck i had enough of this fucking miserable dog life and if you dare try and critisize me, go fuck yourself you fucking wankers.

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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