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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

a little update

Hi all sorry i havent been updating.

a lil update on my life and a single rant that i need to vent.

first of all, i honestly think Chic was gr8 till i got the position as in intern.
I've Quit and quite frankly, Im still fuming mad.
I explained to them i wanted the position as a STYLIST and they told me i had two options.

Apparently, they are starting out a new mag called BABY CHIC
which is catered to infants and mothers alike.
i for one, no absolutely no shit about what sizes babies wear or how big a size, A pregnant woman should wear when she's 9 months old and all preggy and big.

so two options.

1- go for interview (for position as stylist in the new mag)
chances of me getting it will be slim.

2- stay on as an intern for a month then go for the same interview again.
chances may be higher.

it took me a day to think real hard but i decided to just take option one.

i let them know my decision and they said they will arrange it the next week and let me know.

on the friday of that WEEK, i texted them to remind them of the interview
no reply
1-2 days later, i recieved a reply, that Editor of chic magazine decides she's not comfortable with fresh graduates without them going through internship first.


i was FURIOUS.

you gave me two options. i chose one.
and you retracted back your option
so what shit do i have left?

i was mad pissed and i replied them , GOOD LUCK trying to find interns and your management is indecisive. Nt much integrity and responsibility as an editor if you decide to retract your words on whim and fancy after setting out options topeople. Why not express your desire to ONLY accept interns first?

plus i told them i saw the AD on Facebook, where they said CHIC IS HIRING STYLISTS AND INTERNS. simi lan jiao, where's the clause of having to be an intern first before stepping up.

anyway, as expected i didnt get a reply. so good riddance.

what im mad about is the fact that i have no interest in baby clothing etc, but i made the effort to head down and check out fleas and stores that sold baby clothing and maternity clothes, took namecards, etc all these just in case @ the interview, if they doubt my dedication, i can show them. i even wrote down all the stupid maternity shops in my phone. you think it's fun, checking out baby clothing when you are 19, with your boyfriend alongside. people think you are young and preggers? na bei.

INTERNSHIP WISE- first day of work. i OT until 10pm
cause they said deadline was THAT DAY.
in the end, they decide nvm tmr then do. then wtf i OT for?
not say OT = extra money.
i didnt care about the cash. just du lan that you say today deadline, make me stay till 10pm and then tell me tmr continue.

NVM. that one NVM
they dont have a office phone, only the secretary? has one.
we have to use our Mobile phones to call clients.
an intern told me her hp bill shoot up 200 plus . and that is more than half the pay for a month.

interns have to travel up and down from the office to town and back and etc
make trips all around.
traveling's not cheap.
you got lug everything to and fro on buses/trains.
that one NVM.
understandable cause it's part of your job scope.

everything pay yourself.
call clients you pay, transport you pay.

i calculated and i am pumping in money to work, not the other way.

my mum was mad pissed that i took the job cause the family situation's not good and as much as i want to give back to the family some money, i CANT.
so i told CHIC about my position and they gave me 2 options
and then CNY eve , tell me they decide to take it back.

im so tired of my future being so bleak and boring.
KIX can get me the same money in 1 collection (if sales are good) than what Chic can give me as an intern in one month.
but the thing is my mum is mad that she paid thousands to give my dip and advanced dip in mass comm and here i am, doing fashion.
it's not easy setting up an online store but its harder and not as pleasing for me to work as an intern.
thing is, it's my dream to work in the fashion industry and where i am going now?
it just seems too dim and far away.

I am really annoyed with myself and with my situations.
plus its chinese fucking new year and i h8 cny cause its depressing.
i am thankful that i recieved 3-4 angpawzzz which is a real blessing cause lately i have been broke and really really broke. plus there's that bkk trip.

i hope i go there, get a good deal with more manufacturers and do something worthy in my life when i come back.

plus another bad news, this year nick's going to the army.
i've been praying that he goes into pes C but no he got the letter today and he's pes B even though his knee is screwed up. i dont get it.
and if anyone who knows me personally, will know im super mega reliant on nick and vice versa and this year's just going to be another bad year, i know it.

plus my mum's been going through some horrible leg problems.
im going to the hospital tmr with her. i dont know for an operation or diagnosis or whatsoever but please pray for her. i am really worried.

issues aside, happy chinese new year everyone.

love, sher.


maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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