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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

peopl always let you down princess. They fuck things up.

12 more days before i leave this place.
12 more days before i take a breather.
12 more days before i run away to try and escape but come back choking anyway.
I am damn worried.
the other day after cny gambling till 6 am (which was a bad mistake btw), i went home and accompanied my mum to the hospital for her diagnosis.
i fucking cannot stand hospitals.
the nurses screwed up her appointment. we reached at 8 am and her appt which was supposed to be 830, well. was actually 1045 am.
everything ended at 1 plus. i almost died from the lack of sleep.
so fucking worried.
turns out my mum has to go for an operation, something which is beyond expensive and something that she has no choice, but to go for.
Doctor gave her such an apt date, on my birthday on april 12th and she has to stay in the hospital for 6 nights.
i was choked up when she told me she refused to have the op on the 12th but changed it to 19th instead. still, she has to go for blood tests the whole day on the 12th.
looks like this year's going to be bleak.
im really terrified and to be honest, was quite pissed with nick initially cause he didnt seem to be that concerned.actually, i was fucking pissed.
my mum means more than the world and life itself to me so this is a huge blow.

looks like i will be spending April in the hospital and nope i dont intend to go get a job until my mum's okay. besides, im more than demoralized when it comes to matters of such, it hurts my heart. Chic magazine really let me down. come to think of it, every fucking thing lets me down.
k, i dont want to sound all melodramatic and pitiful, i am contented really, just wish i can see the bigger picture cause i Trust that God wont let me down.. so here's a few happy pictures from weeks ago to recently and like i say 12 more days before i run and then 1 week of happiness?(please) and then i come back again. i really hope nothing happens within that one week i go, i feel selfish going.

a card i helped a customer made for her loved one for valentine's day
i had fun doing it. hehe



before we went clubbing to celebrate gab's 20th

spot the similarties





love of my life.

two lunatics


kite flying is tough, i dont know where kids find that strength.


maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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