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Sunday, April 18, 2010

AT BINTAN, with our new friends. the $200 sing dinner for 10-11? people
sibei chor. going bintan makes me feel like i can go europe cause it costs $4 sing for a bottle of water haha rip off.

oh and sorry the entire bintan trip i wasnt wearing makeup so
please turn away quickly if you dont want to kua tio gui.

2 hours ago, nick dug out his old playstation 2
i havent gotten his attention for the past two hours and counting but it's okay im not complaining.
i enjoyed myself today.
got one of my fav ice creams at PP
rented two novels.
realized renting books are uber expensive.
im better off paying the fine/loan.
nick paid one for me which was really sweet but he doesnt read so its a shame really! since i've two books and i cant possibly read both at the same time.
next stop, buy boxes of tea (NO CAFFEINE) and get a whole list of films/dvds to rent.
did i tell you im embarking on my healthy lifestyle?

before bintan we sleep at 4-5-6-7-8 am everyday
during and after bintan, 10-12 pm and up by 6-7(for me at least)
noobcakes im so healthy im brimming with life and longevity haha yeah right.

i have a request and i dont care who it is, anonymous or not but i really would like to seek your help. either buy my clothes at or and ill give you a hefty discount if you get more or could someone please lend me a portable DVD/VCD player?
my mum's going to be stuck in the hospital for 2 weeks? (pray op goes smoothly tmr)
and after that she cant walk for 2-months or so and thats going to be fucking boring.
i thought of buying magazines but they are not time and money-efficient.

so getting a portable player would be perfect except i dont know how much it costs and i've seriously less than 3 digits to my entire name right now.
so please lend me one so my poor mother can watch all the korean dramas in the world and not cry cause of pain/boredom. im trying to do my part but really, i need all the help that i can.

i dont know what its going to be like, with both parents in the hospital and no one else to rely on except nick. poor boy. i predict he's going to be so fucking shagged from all the sending to and fro to faraway SGH. and all the petrol consumption. i havent talked to my brother since the last time i went home to get my bikini for bintan and nick just parked his car and my brother was there. i told him i was gg bintan tmr (which was my birthday) and surprise he didnt know but cant be blamed i dont know when his birthday is also, august? september?
when i came back, nick told me my brother gave him a pack of ciggs. wow. even he gets a present and not me. haha kidding. im just being annoying. im glad they can get along even if my brother and i dont necessarily do.

its 1151 9 mins to my bedtime.
tmr and who knows how long, but im going to be at the hospital so pls, if you can help me get a decent dvd/recorder. i would like to borrow it. please let me know! close friends- you know my no. any other kind soul- i've FACEBOOK. thanks in advance.


maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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