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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


so it's official.
nick's going army on the 7th of june which is a fucking month away.
i seriously hate the govt , hate fucking nea and now i h8 fucking army.
gawd i dont know what i will do.
that aside, please baby we go running everyday k. ditch the car we walk and run and just get fit enough for you to pass the napfa so at the very least, you go in two months later. im so depressed but i cant even bear to look sad cause the look on his face kills me. fuck army very very much.

that aside, i got my blackberry bold 9700 yesterday.
poor iphone's in my bag, unused and i will be really sad if it gets dusty.
i want to keep it on but i dont have a spare line. plus all my numbers are gone.
going to do a mass facebook thing and get everyone to pass me your no./bb pin if any.
trying like hell to find a hot pink housing for the blackeberry but only ebay seems to provide.
the rest look lame and i dont like blinging my phone unless maybe its in a subtle way. nah, i dont think i want to bling my phone.
heart pain and a bit ah lianzz (Sorry best flen hehe)
im really really happy that i've got the student plan.
idk if i should sell my 1day old blackberry and get a profit of $500 or just keep it.
abit lame to have both iphone and blackberry. waste of resources.
nicky can have it till army. fuck army.


maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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