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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

In this life, there's only you and I.

last night was tough.
these days, nights are getting tougher.
the monsters shriek and shriek and i cant sleep.
and then my thoughts will fly and then, its no good.

im so pissed off with myself.
i lost $46 bucks in poker yst and thats the most i've ever lost in gambling and im really annoyed (with myself) cause that $50 was my own hard earned money and im seriously completely flat broke now cause i dont take allowance anymore and just now i texted my mum to transfer me money and i felt so bloody useless. i seriously need to practice some self-control or better poker skills. i cant bluff for nuts, i rely on luck and yesterday was damn UN-GOODLUCK.

bad stuff aside, its april 7th so 5 more days to my birthday.
this year, i will be heading to bintan on my birthday with nick.
im pretty excited. its really cheap, $175 for 3 days 2 nights plus breakfast and deluxe room plus ferry to and fro from singapore to bintan.
we got a really good deal. for anyone who's interested in bintan, you should google takemetoasia and buy from that tour agency. mega super effficient in replying emails.

i cant believe im turning twenty.
i have been blogging since i was 12 so thats 8 long years of nonsense.
im starting to drift away from this space cause honestly, i think im losing my head.
metaphorically that is.
im getting old, im getting tired.
twenty's not that old! you say but boy am i feeling so... lifeless.

pictures are decieving, videos are facades.
maybe i will post a video of bangkok soon.

for now, here's the answers of my formspring to the few who asked

God bless you guys.

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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