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Sunday, April 18, 2010

the light blinds you

i would like to

-run away
-bake cat cupcakes for everyone (Especially zer)
-play mahjong
-finally win
-pay up library fine of xxxxxxxx dollars. last time i borrowed it i was 11-12? i havent returned it since. i have shamed my kind.
-go back to reading. i used to read a whole lot more. any recommendations?
-worry less, think less, cry less, happy more
-write notes and draw/scribble (cause i cant draw)
-find a part time job doing fashion
-be able to transfer all the bangkok photos/videos/bintan photos/videos but stupid mac cant read 4gig card and mini micro sd card and nick's com is down and spoilt and cant transfer
-send love packages and show my appreciation
-sell all my clothes and run away with a few and buy more when i get to the place where im running to which is currently, aimlessly
-not worry if i run away or feel guilty for running away or think about those i've left behind.
-read more, watch more, take more photos,
-develop my 8 rolls of film since guangzhou trip
-get money so i can develop the 8 rolls since developing one is $15 so $15 X 8 = $120
-which i dont have
-get a manicure, eyelashes, walk around town, eat pepper lunch
-go to mount faber with you again
-fly the kite you bought
-stop breaking down
-feel safe

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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