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Sunday, April 25, 2010

my faith in you can move these mountains we are driving through

After the emails from nice readers, texts from beautiful souls who bothered even though there was no closeness basis but yet, the effort and concern, from friends who care and for people who looked at me and out of the blue, are you ok? which was replied in a very awkward and high-pitched tone... oh im losing myself but im determined to get it back, only better.
Thank you everyone who cares.

yesterday, went to bintan on a one day trip with nick and royston and nick's dad who went there to play golf.
i had fun, we bought 5 packets of rendang/chicken, borrowed a lifejacket for myself and royston almost drowned.
like no shit, fo real fo sure he really almost fuckin drowned and i was like SHIT, and nick was laughing behind me cause he didnt know
royston was fo real and wow when things got a tad scary with roy's arms fluttering like scenes in the movie, flutter flutter going down down flutter then nick pew pew pew swam over (GOLD MEDAL LIFESAVING/swimming? COURSE AI SEH) in seconds though i bet that felt like forever for royston hahaha. and there i was, the idiot in the lifejacket happily floating and watching the whole scene unfold in awe and delayed comprehension im a twat.

before that we had beer on a secluded rocks with all the fishing gear cause nick wanted to fish so we sat there, got really hot and itchy. talked and talked about liver and lungs then we left to find the bintan beach boys. so happy to see them. talked some more. i dozed off in the sun while reading and woke up 3 mins later. best rendang in the world came, we went fishing. there were no fishes! wrong fishing sport. i went to the shallow water, hooked the smelly prawn bait mysellf, so proud of myself, am a true fisherman haha yeah right. hook line sinker yay, 1 fish! everyone was excited but i was the most excited cause YAYYYYYYYYYYY i caught the first fish, im king, then the two boys started catching the small fishes and we caught the entire colony but released them asap cause we are all soft hearted mutherfuckers.

bip bip time to go home, sandflies bites and ugly skin, am black not tanned and all yucky sianz.
ferry 1 hour and then back to nicky's place for more rendang chicken

caught the lamest show on channel 5 then ghost whisperer and then we stayed up with sandy blurry eyes till 12 to wish each other happy 1 year 6 mths wow time flies then i think 1205 and we all K-0-ed.

1130 am shall wake him up, we will figure out some place to celebrate our anniversary.

have a safe happy sunday.

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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