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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

oh oh to the headlight disco

i seriously love my brand new spanking blackberry.
seriously its damn awesome (or maybe its just the awesome data plan)
i havent used msn for 2 years and okay lets just say i've lost the hang of it.
jiewei made fun of me when i typed all my words in 1 long chunk hahaha i get nervous when typing. how come ppl type so fast and quick, especially lin!

INNYHOO, the fact that i can use the blackberry msnger to contact overseas long time no contact friends like lexie and gina in SECONDS..
i can wet my pants just thinking about it.
i cannot sleep already, blackberry is helping me connect with all my friends again plus the unlimited smses.
wtf, i love it. thankzzz singtel.

in any case, met wifey @ simei starbucks today.
had a good catch up and omg thank you for the sewing machine from UO. you queen of my materialistic heart liao x x x x.
cheer up okay. im your sunshine, so stay. <3

nicky's big 20th is coming up. and im so nervous cause i want to bring him to US (HAHA UNIVERSAL STUDIOS NOT UNITED STATES LOL IM THOROUGHLY AMUSED BY HOW THE LETTERS U.S LEADS PPL TO INFER WRONGLY) and sianz he's not very excited, idk if its keng one or real one. and i have no money. the flea market on 22nd of may (i have a stall @ home club and no its not flea fly flo, come down and support ok!!) is so far away. i need the money before that. maybe i should sell my iphone, but who will buy....

support a bit plzz
i give you 30% off if you buy three items.
i need money. need need money.

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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