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Monday, April 12, 2010

stay with me

take the pain out of love and love wont exist.

its 530 am and its the twelfth of april.
happy birthday sunshine.

is it raining on sunshine's day?

today, i will heed nette's advice and 'not take whatever good i have for granted'

and most of all thanks HAN LIN for the sweetest text message ever. it was really unexpected but it meant a lot to me. thank you thank you.

Thanks everyone who wished.
I hope i come back from my short trip, refreshed and ready to forgive.
For now, im so hurt over this year and last year's same repetitive events with the one person i love the most.

Thanks for everyone who made it to my birthday pizza and beer short party before we headed to the clubs. things didnt turn out so great. i spent most of my time outside zouk but it was okay. i just felt frustrated. it was fun * with vikram in the club when i got back and im sorry everyone saw me cry.

im a wreck and i dont deserve my friends but thank you all for still accepting me.
Love you pris, Zer and i miss you so much phy.
i hope London was great and im sorry i wont be here today to welcome you back.

most of all, thank you nicky for sticking with me by my side. what happened wasnt your fault i just dont know how to tell you.. anyway im sorry and i love you baby.

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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