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Monday, May 10, 2010

but no one can find the rewind button now so cradle your head in your hands

That would be me, overtaking the world while all the other cats look on with envy. ha ha ha.

How much do you think i should save up if i want to run away to australia and stay there for a month or so? or a two weeks stint at romantic london?
i dont know if i have the guts to do all these bymyself like my friend chariot who is prolly at moscow by herself having the time of her life.
=) really takes courage to do stuff like that. she's such a free soul, i envy her.

me, i have all these baggage and if i go, in fact each time i go overseas, i feel the guilt of leaving them behind and by them i mean my parents. im not putting in enough effort, got to stop shirking away from the responsibility and MAN UP.

its 823pm and i just got up from the saddest/happiest dream.
in my dream, we were perfect.
in my dream,everyone was there and i had eyes only for you.
in my dream, were we seventeen?
all i remember was my eyes on you.

chanced upon this line in someone's livejournal,

"Because you can want and want and want. But if he doesn't want you back, you might as well wish the sky was red."

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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